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Give the Gift of Easier Nights to New Parents

Give the Gift of Easier Nights to New Parents
Lack of sleep can be a huge challenge for new parents but with Lumie, night-time waking can be made a little easier. Why not give the gift of soothing light this Mother’s Day and beyond?

In the first year of their baby’s life, new parents are reported to have an average of four hours and 44 minutes of sleep per night, significantly below the recommended average of seven to nine hours. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause a number of physical and mental health issues including:

- Low mood

- Difficulties with concentration and memory

- Weakened immunity

- Poor balance

- Heart disease

- Increased risk of accidents due to drowsiness

- Weight gain

- High blood pressure

Achieving good quality sleep can be difficult during the early years of parenthood but Lumie lights can make night-time feeds and night-time waking a little more soothing.

The gentle glow of Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB is perfect for night-time feeds
How do Lumie wake-up lights help during night-time feeds?

Exposure to light during the night disrupts the body's circadian rhythm, meaning that the sleep/wake cycle is thrown out of sync. When waking during the night, it is therefore key to be mindful of the light that we are exposed to. Blue light is particularly alerting so it is crucial to minimise exposure to blue light in the run up to bedtime and during night-time waking.

The relaxing sunset feature of Lumie Bodyclock keeps the alerting blue spectrum of light to a minimum, creating a healthy sleep environment with gradually fading light promoting the body’s natural sleep response. This non-alerting, soft glow is perfect during night-feeds, providing sufficient lighting without stimulating you into a state of alertness. With this, parents and babies can settle back to sleep much more easily due to a lack of bright light exposure. 

Lumie Bedbug is also the ideal sleep aid for babies and young children, minimising the blue light in their sleep environment and allowing them to settle at night. The optional night light offers a reassuring glow as they drift off to sleep and it also provides enough light for feeding, changing and comforting without triggering wakefulness. Without being exposed to alerting light, both children and parents can fall easily back to sleep.

Lumie Bedbug creates a tranquil sleep environment

Lumie lights make the perfect Mother's Day and baby shower gift... night-time waking and night-time feeds are about to get easier!