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Feeling Down After The Clock Change? Take Part in Our Feel Good Check-in List

Feeling Down After The Clock Change? Take Part in Our Feel Good Check-in List
Feeling a little low after the clock change? With the days getting darker and shorter, it's not unusual to feel sluggish and lacking in motivation. That's why we've created the Feel Good Check-in List, a to-do list made up of small activities for your well-being to tick off throughout the month of November. The prompts will hopefully serve as a reminder to prioritise the season’s mood-boosting moments.

Have you noticed a dip in your mental health during the change of season? The colder, darker months can trigger feelings of winter blues and SAD, making it more important than ever to look after ourselves and our well-being. We shall be ticking off 3 activities each week and we’d love you to follow along with us! 

The Feel Good Check-in List✨

We’re delighted to be partnering with some of our favourite well-being brands to help us complete the checklist. We shall be joined by a different brand each week, so we suggest you keep your eyes peeled for some feel-good giveaways!

Week One 

In partnership with Aeyla 

1. Get cosy with fresh, clean bedding – complete with a Lumie sunset for the perfect evening routine to wind down after a busy day.

2. Leave your phone out of the bedroom - instead, curl up with a good book, journal or be present with your partner.  

3. Snuggle up under a grounding weighted blanket - to help you reset if you’re feeling anxious. 

Week Two 

In partnership with Aery Living

1. Light a new candle – use your senses and take the time to sit mindfully and appreciate the scent.

2. Have a warm, relaxing bath – take time for yourself to properly wind down.

3. Create a workspace for your well-being – to help boost your mood and productivity.

Week Three

In partnership with CRU Kafe

1. Start your day with a crisp morning walk - level up and take your coffee with you too.

2. Make time for a nourishing breakfast – accompanied by your morning coffee and 30 minutes in front of a light therapy lamp.

3. Try a pumpkin-spiced latte – you’ll thank us later!

Week Four

In partnership with Fable Yoga

1. Do some morning stretches – you can even do them in your pjs!

2. Go to that fitness class you’ve always wanted to try – those post-workout endorphins give you an instant mood-boost.

3. Practice joyful movement – whether that’s having a boogie in the kitchen to the morning radio or practicing yoga, just do something that makes you feel good.

Week Five

In partnership with BetterYou

1. Take your Vitamin D! – it’s so important to do this every day during the autumn/winter months.

2. Go for a lunchtime walk – to try get as much daylight as you can!

3. Beat the afternoon slump with light therapy – as it starts to get darker earlier, use a light box for 30 minutes after lunch.

Make sure to find us on Instagram and follow along as we complete each activity with the help of some lovely Lumie customers. And make sure to tag us @lumie.lights if you'd like to join in too.