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Light and Eye Health: Research Papers

Light and Eye Health: Research Papers
Research shows that lifestyle habits such as prolonged exposure to digital devices and to LEDs with low CRI can negatively impact eye health. Read more with this selection of research papers.
Impacts of home lighting on human health

Ticleanu C. Impacts of home lighting on human health. Lighting Research & Technology. 2021;53(5):453-475.  

This article discusses home lighting and how flicker in the range of 100-200 Hz are non-visually detected by the human retina but trigger both sensory and neural responses which have been associated with eye strain, visual fatigue, excessive eye movements, reduced visual performance as well as headaches. LED lights which have a high CRI tend to flicker less and reduce these side-effects.

Visual comfort with LED lighting

Iacomussi P, Radis M, Rossi G, Rossi L. Visual Comfort with LED Lighting. Energy Procedia. 2015 Nov 1;78:729-34.

In this study, fluorescent light sources with cool colour temperature, and LEDs were found to be more beneficial for alertness levels and performance in both computer-based and paper-based activities.

Effect of daylight LED on visual comfort, melatonin, mood, waking performance and sleep

Cajochen C, Freyburger M, Basishvili T, et al. Effect of daylight LED on visual comfort, melatonin, mood, waking performance and sleep. Lighting Research & Technology. 2019;51(7):1044-1062.    

Volunteers were found to have better visual comfort and improved mood and alertness under daylight LEDs than conventional LEDs. It is suggested that increased visual comfort under the daylight LED conditions may be due to the smoother light spectrum, resulting in better colour rendering which facilitates more natural perception of colours.

Digital eye strain - a comprehensive review

Kaur K, Gurnani B, Nayak S, Deori N, Kaur S, Jethani J, Singh D, Agarkar S, Hussaindeen JR, Sukhija J, Mishra D. Digital Eye Strain- A Comprehensive Review. Ophthalmol Ther. 2022 Oct;11(5):1655-1680.

Digital eye strain encompasses visual and ocular symptoms including dry eyes and blurring of vision,  caused by extended use of digital electronic devices. Management options for digital eye strain include taking regular breaks from the screen, frequent blinking, improved lighting and minimising glare.

Short-wavelength light-blocking eyeglasses attenuate symptoms of eye fatigue

Lin JB, Gerratt BW, Bassi CJ, Apte RS. Short-Wavelength Light-Blocking Eyeglasses Attenuate Symptoms of Eye Fatigue. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017 Jan 1;58(1):442-447.

The gathered results provide support for the hypothesis that short-wavelength light-blocking glasses may reduce eyestrain which is associated with computer use.

Blue light exposure: ocular hazards and prevention - a narrative review

Cougnard-Gregoire A, Merle BMJ, Aslam T, Seddon JM, Aknin I, Klaver CCW, Garhöfer G, Layana AG, Minnella AM, Silva R, Delcourt C. Blue Light Exposure: Ocular Hazards and Prevention-A Narrative Review. Ophthalmol Ther. 2023 Apr;12(2):755-788.

There is currently no evidence that LEDs which are in normal use in screen devices or at domestic intensity levels are retinotoxic to the human eye. The potential toxicity of long-term cumulative exposure in not currently known.

Do blue-blocking lenses reduce eye strain from extended screen time? A double-masked randomised controlled trial

Singh S, Downie LE, Anderson AJ. Do Blue-blocking Lenses Reduce Eye Strain From Extended Screen Time? A Double-Masked Randomized Controlled Trial. Am J Ophthalmol. 2021 Jun;226:243-251.

Blue-blocking lenses were not shown to alter signs or symptoms of eye strain with computer use relative to standard clear lenses in this study.

Effect of light-emitting diodes with different colour rendering indexes on the ocular tissues of rats

Chen WY, Xiao KH, Lin R, Qiu ZR, Chen YM, Lin ZQ, Ke XB, Huang Y. Effect of light-emitting diodes with different color rendering indexes on the ocular tissues of rat. Int J Ophthalmol. 2022 Jul 18;15(7):1035-1043.

Damage to the ocular surface and retina of rats caused by LEDs with different CRIs was investigated. Those exposed to LEDs with a low CRI had the most significant change in all tests, highlighting that high CRI was safer for the eyes.

Lumie's benefit-driven desk lamp, inspired by eye health research
Lumie Task provides maximum visual comfort
Lumie Task provides maximum visual comfort

Lumie is delighted to have recently launched Lumie Task, a benefit-driven desk lamp with CRI 95+, meaning that it has exceptional colour rendering. Lumie Task has high-end broad-spectrum LEDs, almost identical to sunlight, and allows for maximum visual comfort to reduce eye strain.