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London life made bright: meet Zoe & Tom from Wunder Workshop

London life made bright: meet Zoe & Tom from Wunder Workshop
Today we meet with Zoe and Tom, the founders of Wunder Workshop, an Ayurvedic-inspired functional food brand selling organic and ethically sourced turmeric based products. The philosophy behind Wunder Workshop principles is based upon a preventive and holistic approach to health and functional ingredients to maximise life‘s potential, enabling you to live better, work harder and to be stronger (for longer!).
Living That Start-up Life

Much like Andreas and Catarina, the founders of Dagsmejan we highlighted last week, Zoe and Tom are both partners in life, and in business. Having met at university in Manchester, they bonded over their love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, who had been in the health food industry for over 40 years, as well as through her travels. This knowledge and motivation has led her to start up her own business. “Having spent a lot of time with Ayurvedic doctors in Sri Lanka, I learned so much about herbs, spices and the power of the food that we ate. Turmeric, as it turns out, is one of the most powerful spices we can consume.”, says Zoe. With a background in pharmacology and professional experience in the medical world, through his studies Tom too began to discover that there was more to healing than conventional medicine had to offer. Keen to follow a more natural path towards disease prevention rather than reacting to illnesses he joined forces with Zoe to start Wunder Workshop.

A Day In The Life Of Zoe & Tom

Passion for a balanced lifestyle is at the core of the business, and it comes through in everything Zoe and Tom do. Showing us a glimpse of their "London life made bright" with Lumie lights and Wunder- potions, the Ayurveda-, nature- and sun-loving entrepreneurs walk us through their morning routines as well as their working day. You can watch the video here

Let The Light In

The change of seasons can quite often be overwhelming for so many of us; the last quarter of the year tends to be hectic across all sectors, and we often lose focus of what really matters. We encourage you to let the light in (quite literally) as much as you can this autumn and winter, against all odds and adversity; and for that reason, we'd like to leave you with a beautifully touching quote from Zoe:

I often find we are not living life, but merely living time. We aren't embarking on the wild, wavy sea of our dreams and desires, but instead we’re bobbing along the still and safe stream, knowing that time will keep us afloat. Primarily what is holding us back from following our dreams is our mind. Our mind magnifies small things into big problems, fears and anxiety, and we make our daily decision based on these unconscious negative feelings and thus continue living a life of least resistance to our mind. But is so important to actually thrive on these aspects, I find uncertainty and change so exciting and that is what gets me jumping out of bed every morning (well, that and our Lumie wake-up light!). We need to challenge our mind, and most importantly we need to take control of it. It is so important not to let your mind run wild with dark thoughts and self-pity, instead take control and be committed to improving and enjoying your life even when everything goes against you.     Zoë Lind van't Hof, Founder of Wunder Workshop

Inspired by the warm golden hues of the turmeric root (read about its benefits here), we’ve released a spiced-up special edition Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB: