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The Wake-Up and SAD Lights on Everyone’s Christmas List

The Wake-Up and SAD Lights on Everyone’s Christmas List
Christmas may be on the way, but the gloomy, dark and not-so welcome mornings have already arrived! Give the gift of a life made bright this holiday season with Lumie.

Light therapy can be a real lifesaver during the winter months, and our wake-up and SAD lights make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing – or a nice treat if you’re looking to invest in yours! Discover our Christmas Gift Guide below, where you can find a Lumie light for everyone on your gifting list…

For The Luxe Lover
Bodyclock Luxe750DAB wake-up light in Turmeric

Our most premium wake-up light is the perfect choice for the luxe lover in your life! Featuring DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and over 30 sleep/wake sounds, Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB is the dream gift for anyone looking to improve their sleep while staying stylish. Its non-alerting low-blue light is perfect for any soothing bedtime ritual, paired with an auto-dimming display to minimise any mid-sleep disruptions. It also has an adjustable sunrise and sunset duration (between 15 to 90 minutes) and is available in a choice of 5 on-trend colours.

For The Minimalist
Bodyclock Spark 100 wake-up light

Minimalists are SO hard to shop for! What do you gift someone who’s life mantra is ‘less is more’? In our experience, useful gifts that improve wellbeing are every minimalist’s dream. Bodyclock Spark 100 fits this category perfectly! It’s sleek, minimalistic look is a great addition to any bedroom décor and offers a 30-minute gradual sunrise and fading sunset to help improve sleep and waking, as well as an optional alarm beep for extra reassurance.

For The Fitness Enthusiast
Bodyclock Shine 300 wake-up light

Waking with light has been shown to help improve sports performance; that’s why athletes from the British Swimming Team used our wake-up lights to help them train for the 2016 Olympics in Rio! Treat the athlete in your life to a Lumie wake-up light to help boost their mood, energy levels and performance. Bodyclock Shine 300 is the perfect choice for any fitness enthusiast, with its modern design and user-friendly display. The wake-up light also offers a high-quality audio experience, with a choice of 15 sleep/wake sounds and FM radio. What’s not to love?

For The Wellbeing Guru
Bodyclock Glow 150 wake-up light

Do you know someone who seeks sanctuary in their evening routine? Then Bodyclock Glow 150 is the perfect gift for them! Before bed, its sunset feature and sleep sounds are a calming addition to journaling, meditation or even just a mindful moment to unwind and reflect on the day. In the morning, its sunrise and choice of wake sounds rouse you gradually from sleep, replacing the sudden jolting of your phone’s alarm.

For The Home Worker
Vitamin L SAD light

With the increase in remote and hybrid working, a Lumie SAD lamp would make a thoughtful gift for anyone struggling with the routine of working from home. Our Vitamin L SAD light is the perfect addition to any WFH space and is a game-changer for anyone suffering with low mood and energy. Its bright light perks you up by supressing the overproduction of melatonin at daytime on those short, dark days, which can ordinarily make you feel sleepy and lethargic. A great gift for anyone needing a boost this winter!

For The Whole Family
Halo SAD light

Looking for light therapy the whole family can enjoy? Then Lumie Halo is the one! The multifunctional light therapy lamp has been designed to be an eye-catching centerpiece, with its carefully considered aesthetic that breaks the mould of traditional light therapy. With both Day and Evening Modes, Halo is a universal addition to any home, making a great gift for families that love both wellness and interiors.