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Joanna Dai On Starting Her Day Right With Light

Joanna Dai On Starting Her Day Right With Light
We’re delighted to be sharing with you our Lumie Story Series, featuring three incredible individuals who use our SAD and wake-up lights to illuminate their daily lives.

Joanna Dai is the founder and CEO of innovative womenswear brand Dai, who believe the world is better when women succeed. Their mission is to empower women with comfort-driven performance, style and community, while creating a positive impact for both people and the planet. Joanna started the brand after eight years in investment banking where she understood the power of looking and feeling confident, but was fed up with uncomfortable, inconvenient clothes that didn't perform.

Joanna has been using Lumie lights for over 5 years now and says they’ve been a game-changer for her wellbeing. Growing up in sunny Southern California, she turned to Lumie to help her adapt to the winter months in London. Not a morning person by nature, Joanna found having a sunrise in her bedroom made a significant difference to her waking, allowing her to start the day in a better mood than when she used to get up in pitch dark.

I grew up in Southern California where it was really sunny – then I moved to London. When the sun sets at 4 o’clock it’s quite depressing. I got a Lumie wake-up light about 5 years ago. I love that it simulates a sunrise in the morning and it’s helped me get up and start my day with a lot more energy. Joanna Dai, Founder and CEO of Dai.
Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB

This year, Joanna discovered Lumie Halo and loves its multifunctionality. It is now a must-have in her home, especially on those grey days! She uses the Day Mode to help boost mood and energy, then switches to Evening Mode to help her unwind after a busy day.

If you’re working from home or office, the Lumie Halo has been game-changing, it’s so much light throughout your day. Even in the dead of summer, when days are long in London. Having a Lumie light around me has really helped boost my energy as well as bringing that extra confidence around me because I feel like I’m in a better mood and more positive. Joanna Dai, Founder and CEO of Dai
Lumie Halo

Want to know more about Joanna and how light therapy has impacted her waking, energy and wellbeing? You can watch her story here.