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Joe Welstead On Stressing Less and Sleeping Better

Joe Welstead On Stressing Less and Sleeping Better
We’re delighted to be sharing with you our Lumie Story Series, featuring three incredible individuals who use our SAD and wake-up lights to illuminate their daily lives.

Joe is a former professional swimmer turned entrepreneur. He competed for Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, after training 25 hours per week for several years. This experience has taught him the importance of building optimal performance, which is something that has been at the forefront of his career. Before this, Joe grew up in the South of France, where he fell in love with real, healthy and delicious fresh food. He’s always had this passion, and even busied himself baking fresh bread with his mother at the age of 3. It’s not just about making and sharing good food - it’s also about feeling great both mentally and physically.

Energy and sleep are very important to me and that is one of the reasons why I love Bodyclock. Until I had a Lumie wake-up light, I always had my mobile phone by my bed and it’s the most silly thing as I know it gets in the way of sleep. And of course, you have the added benefits of the dimming light. It’s just really cosy and I particularly love waking up with it. Joe Welstead, Founder of Motion Nutrition

This is what led him to found Motion Nutrition, a health supplement company whose aim is to help you stress less, sleep deeper and feel more energised. They focus on these three elements because when they’re taken care of, everything else works better. Motion Nutrition holds the belief that if you stress less, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed, you’ll start to make better lifestyle decisions. Seeing this outlook help others is what Joe cherishes the most and thrives on seeing people’s lives fundamentally improve.

Joe loves Lumie as he believes light therapy aligns perfectly with this approach. Bodyclock allows him to wake up slowly and naturally every morning, without having his phone in the bedroom - which is so important to good sleep hygiene.

I’m a big believer in high-productivity during the times when I work and having the Halo lamp on my desk during those daytime hours - especially going into the winter months - is just a really nice feeling. You feel like you’re getting that sunlight and for me, the separation of daytime and night-time is super important. Joe Welstead, Founder of Motion Nutrition

Heading into the winter months, Joe notices a real improvement to his wellbeing from using Halo while he’s working. It helps create a sense of separation between his work and downtime with his family. He appreciates this now more than ever as he’s recently become a dad, and has also started a second company called Knowjack Media, producing photos and videos for outdoor brands.

Lumie Halo

Want to know more about Joe and how light therapy has impacted his sleep, energy and wellbeing? You can watch his story here.