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Sustainable Solutions with Refurbished Lumie Lights

Sustainable Solutions with Refurbished Lumie Lights
At Lumie, we are all about recycling and refurbishing, ensuring that our products never go to waste. Find out more about this process and how you can purchase refurbished Lumie lights.

We are dedicated to making the most of every Lumie product and every part. Our committed service department reconditions Lumie lights to their good-as-new selves so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come. Check out the reel below to find out more:

With a 45-day trial and 3-year warranty, our reconditioned products have the same guarantee as Lumie lights that come straight off the shelf! They also come with 40% off their RRP so now is your chance to invest in discounted light therapy in the name of sustainability.

What should Lumie lights be used for?

At Lumie, we produce wake-up lights and bright light therapy lamps that help to regulate the sleep/wake cycle and improve mood and energy. Lumie wake-up lights rouse you gently from sleep with a gradually brightening light, helping you to feel refreshed and energised as soon as you open your eyes. At bedtime, their sleep-optimised lighting allows you to relax and unwind, with their fading sunset promoting a natural sleep response.

Lumie bright light therapy lamps mimic natural daylight which promotes improved mood and energy levels. When it is not possible to spend sufficient time outdoors, people often experience fatigue, sluggishness, and irritability due to inadequate light exposure. Lumie bright light therapy brings the power of natural daylight indoors and provides you with the boost that you need during the darker days.

Adding both Lumie wake-up lights and Lumie bright light therapy lamps into your daily routine provides the ultimate light therapy experience for best-ever sleep, mood and energy!