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Lumie x Buzzbar: "World's Largest SAD Lamp" Installation in Shoreditch

Lumie x Buzzbar:
With the shortest day of the year less than a month away, we teamed up with Buzzbar, a walk-in digital and marketing production service, to create the "The World's Largest SAD Lamp" installation in their window on the main intersection of Shoreditch High Street.

Seasonal depression - be it SAD or subsyndromal winter blues- can affect as many as 1 in 3 people in Northern Europe this time of the year. As the cause is lack of bright light, the treatment is to be in bright light every day. Going to a brightly-lit climate, whether that's skiing or somewhere hot, will relieve symptoms but if that's not possible you can use a bright light therapy device. The preferred level of light is about as bright as a spring morning on a clear day and for most people sitting in front of a light like this for around 30 minutes a day will be sufficient to alleviate the symptoms. “The basic principle involved in light therapy is to replace the light that is missing and help a person with SAD feel more energetic and cheerful, more like he or she feels during the summer”, writes Dr Rosenthal, an American psychiatrist and SAD specialist.

Created with 20 Lumie Vitamin L lights, the Buzzbar x Lumie SAD Lamp Installation is 1.8 m wide and 3 m high, delivering 10,000 lux in brightness to improve mood and boost energy. Buzzbar x Lumie SAD Lamp will be available to the public until early January when the mornings start getting brighter. Londoners will be able to get their energy levels up from 7 am every day - there will even be local offers for passers-by to take advantage of from coffees at local chains to lunchtime food pick-me-ups!

ABOUT BUZZBAR: Buzzbar is the world's first walk-in digital and marketing production service. Clients work side-by-side with London-born Buzzbar on projects from conception to completion. From start-ups to big-name brands, Buzzbar is disrupting the way marketing happens.