We need strong, regular light signals to keep our circadian rhythms on track but modern life - with shift work, late nights and reduced time outdoors - can easily disrupt these rhythms leading to sleep disorders and other health problems.

Whether you have SAD, milder winter blues or are simply looking for a general boost to well-being, bright light is proven to improve energy, put you in a better mood and make you feel more awake.

Check out the range of Lumie lights for use at home, at work or to take with you. 


Research shows bright light of 2,500 lux improves well-being. Outside on a sunny day, you can take advantage of 100,000 lux but in winter there may be only a few hours of very weak light and indoors the brightest office provides only about 500 lux.

For many people, the short, dark days are a trigger for the ‘winter blues’, an urge to hibernate with symptoms like having no energy and wanting to sleep more and socialise less. SAD is similar but the symptoms - tiredness, lack of energy, overeating, low moods and social withdrawal - are much more severe, and can seriously affect people’s performance at work, their home life and relationships.

Bright light therapy is proven to work and offers a convenient and natural solution.


Lumie lights are designed for use at home, at work or on the go, so you can get your light therapy while you get on with something else.

They all provide at least 2,500 lux at a comfortable distance. Blue wavelengths are particularly stimulating so our smaller models tend to use blue-enriched LEDs to compensate for size. Lights with plain white LEDs/bulbs are just as effective and many people prefer their warmer tone. See which works for you with a 45-day trial.

Most people see a big change in just a few days. Light therapy puts you in a better mood, makes you feel awake and alert and boosts energy levels.



You might also benefit from a wake-up light, an alarm clock that mimics a sunrise to wake you with light. Lumie invented the very first wake-up light and there's now a whole range to choose from. 

These 'dawn simulators' can help to keep your sleep-wake cycle on track and boost mood and energy - especially first thing - so they're a useful complement to a bright light for more severe SAD. 


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