Compare Bodyclock wake-up lights (halogen)

These Bodyclock models are among our all-time best-selling products and are fitted with halogen bulbs. They provide a smooth sunrise and sunset effect and all-round dimmable bedroom lighting. As medical devices, Bodyclock are exempt from the halogen bulb ban and we can continue to supply replacement bulbs.

Standard halogen Bodyclock features:
Fully dimmable bedside lighting  /  Alarm beep (optional)  /  Power failure back-up  /  Medical Device Class 1  /  3-year warranty

Compare the new generation of Bodyclock wake-up lights (LED)

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Sunrise/sunset duration
Optional alarm beep
Tap-control snooze
Sleep/wake-up sounds
Fade to nightlight option
Dimmable bedside light
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Power failure back-up
Adjustable sunrise intensity
Dimmable display
HWD cm

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