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Safe, natural way to relieve mild-moderate acne. Red light soothes inflammation and blue light kills the acne bacteria.

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The lowdown

Features and spec

Light therapy research has found specific parts of the spectrum to be of benefit to acne sufferers: short wavelength 415 nm blue light that attacks the Proprionbacterium acnes bacteria and 660 nm red light that soothes inflammation and promotes healing.

Working with dermatology experts, Clear has been developed with both blue and red LED technology as an alternative to creams and prescription drugs, some of which have side-effects or become less effective with long-term use. In clinical trials, combined blue and red light therapy produced noticeable results within four weeks. At the end of three months, testers’ skin was significantly smoother with 58% fewer spots and 76% less inflamed - better than the drug treatment group.

Some medication can cause the skin to react to light (photosensitivity). If you're taking any medication, please check with your doctor before using Clear.

If you want to treat a small area, maybe your chin or forehead, then hold Lumie Clear right next to your skin so the light is most intense and effective.


Plug in and switch on. The timer starts automatically and the light will switch off after 15 minutes.

When your treatment time is up, give the device a quick wipe with an alcohol wipe (or a damp cloth and warm water) to keep it clean and then it’s ready to use again.

Use Clear directly on your skin for best results
Many light therapy devices for acne are only suitable for treating your face but, with Clear, you can position it further away to treat other affected areas, such as your shoulders or back.


The light will be less intense so you'll need to use Clear for longer, around 30 minutes a day. When the light turns off, simply press the button for another 15 minutes.

For longer sessions like this, you'll be more comfortable using Clear with the adjustable stand, allowing you to get on with other things while it works on your acne.

Use Clear to treat your face, back, anywhere with acne
In the same way, you can treat all of your face in one go, exposing your skin to a less-intense light for longer instead of focusing on individual areas.


Use the yellow safety goggles provided if you're treating your face at a distance or any time the light might shine in your eyes.

For best results use Clear regularly, treating the affected area(s) every day. As your skin gets better it can be used as required to heal lingering spots and also prevent new spots forming.


Using Clear can mean an end to long-term medication, the freedom to go without make-up or simply feeling confident for the first time in years. Once your skin is looking good, occasional light therapy sessions with Clear will help keep it that way.


  • Detachable head for close-up treatment of specific areas
  • Adjustable stand for hands-free treatment of a wider area
  • 15 minutes daily when used next to the skin
  • Noticeable results within four weeks
  • Developed with leading dermatologists
  • Blue light to kill the acne bacteria
  • Red light to reduce inflammation
  • Folds into the base for compact storage
  • Automatic timer to ensure effective exposure
  • Goggles for use when light may reach the eyes
  • Everything you need, no ongoing costs
  • HWD cm: 10 x 15 x 20 closed
  • 675 g

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