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Clear for Acne photo

Treat acne at home with Lumie Clear LED Light Therapy

Backed by science, designed by experts
Designed with medical and dermatological experts at Hammersmith Hospital, London, Lumie Clear treats acne with red and blue LEDS. In clinical trials, four weeks of daily use was shown to make a real difference. And at the end of three months, tester's skin was significantly smoother, with 58% fewer spots and was 76% less inflamed — better than the group using benzoyl peroxide cream.

Blue lightto kill the acne bacteriaRed lightto soothe inflamed skin

Lumie Clear allows light therapy in the privacy of your own home and at a time that suits you. If you want to treat a targeted area, hold Lumie Clear right next to your skin so the light is most intense and effective.

Plug in, switch on and let Lumie Clear work its magic. The timer starts automatically and the light will switch off after 15 minutes. When your treatment time is up, give the device a quick wipe with an alcohol wipe (or a damp cloth and warm water) to keep it clean and then it’s ready to use again.
Safe during pregnancynon-thermal, non-invasive
4 week resultwhen used every day

Clear is not just for your face! Position the light further away to treat a wider area, such as your shoulders or back.

The light will be less intense so you'll need to use Clear for longer, around 30 minutes a day. When the light turns off, simply press the button for another 15 minutes. Use Clear with the adjustable stand, allowing you to get on with other things while it works on your acne.
30 min a dayto treat a wide area
No tanning riskUVA-free lights
For all agesteenagers or older sufferers
For all skin typesto treat mild-moderate acne

Light therapy for your whole face. Treat all of your face in one go using Lumie Clear, exposing your skin to a less-intense light for longer rather than targeting specific areas.

Use the yellow safety goggles provided if you're treating your face at a distance or any time the light might shine in your eyes. For best results use Clear regularly, treating the affected area(s) every day. As your skin gets better it can be used as required to heal lingering spots and also prevent new spots forming.
Provided with gogglessafe to use to treat face
15 min a day when used next to the skin

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44 reviews
£149.00Acne Treatment

Clear for Acne

Blue and red LEDs, automatic timer, safety goggles, 15 minute session
44 reviews
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