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Advice from an Ophthalmic Surgeon: What to Look for in a Desk Lamp for Visual Comfort

Advice from an Ophthalmic Surgeon: What to Look for in a Desk Lamp for Visual Comfort
Today is World Sight Day, raising awareness of the importance of eye care. We are joined by Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Miss Radhika Rampat, to discuss the impact of lighting on visual comfort.

This year, World Sight Day is placing significant focus on the importance of eye care in the workplace, encouraging the promotion of eye health initiatives to employees which will benefit their well-being and productivity. Desk lamps are most frequently used for work and can therefore play a significant role in influencing eye health in the workplace. Miss Radhika Rampat, recently named as one of the Top 10 Ophthalmologist Rising Stars globally, highlights the key desk lamp features to look out for to achieve maximum visual comfort whilst working.

What are the key features to look for in a desk lamp?

From a medical standpoint, it's essential to evaluate whether a lamp is suitable for extended use, with ergonomic considerations for your posture and thinking about the quality of the lighting. If the desk lamp meets the following criteria: it is positioned above to provide illumination from above, has an adjustable neck, and offers adjustable lighting with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to mimic natural daylight, you will have all the elements in place for a secure and comfortable lighting solution.

Where should you position a desk lamp on your desk?

Placing the lamp in one corner of the desk and adjusting the tilt, according to the size of the desk, allows you to evenly illuminate your workspace, optimising your working conditions. A desk lamp like Lumie Task, with its sleek design, compact footprint, and flexible neck, enables precise positioning to achieve overhead illumination. This setup minimises the risk of forward hunching or straining the neck by maintaining a more ergonomic posture. 

Which lamps work best for tasks such as drawing and design?

Studies in this area have indicated visual comfort under ‘DayLED' conditions which could be due to the smoother light spectrum, resulting in better colour rendering, and facilitating more natural perception of colours. This is especially important for those looking at drawing and design where colours seen in their true hues becomes incredibly important. 

Which lamps are best for working from a screen?

A lamp with an adjustable neck allows you to easily angle the light towards your screen, effectively reducing screen backlighting. Adaptable lighting can also serve as an illuminator during Zoom calls, helping you to present your best self.

What is the best colour temperature for a desk lamp?

Based on the evidence from various studies and research, it is evident that SunLike LEDs such as those in Lumie Task, featuring high CRI, balanced red and blue components, and a broad-spectrum like natural daylight, can provide increased eye protection and comfort. As an added bonus, Lumie Task specifically is not just an excellent light for activities such as screen work, reading, drawing and design, it also helps with symptoms of winter blues if the light is extended to face you from a reasonable distance.

It is worth noting that while broad-spectrum LEDs with high CRI can enhance visual comfort and eye protection, it is still important to practice healthy eye habits, such as taking regular breaks, maintaining appropriate lighting levels, and ensuring proper screen ergonomics, to minimise eye strain and promote overall eye health. 

Lumie Task provides maximum visual comfort
Lumie Task provides maximum visual comfort
Lumie Task promotes visual comfort in the workplace

Lumie Task is the ultimate benefit-driven desk lamp for promoting eye health in the workplace. With high-end broad-spectrum LEDs, almost identical to sunlight, and CRI 95+, it allows for maximum visual comfort to reduce eye strain. Available to purchase in five beautiful colours, it makes the perfect addition to any work space.