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How can light therapy improve your wellbeing? We asked our customers…

How can light therapy improve your wellbeing? We asked our customers…
Whether you’re struggling with sleep, SAD or winter blues, light therapy can make a real difference to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Light plays a crucial role in regulating our sleep/wake cycles – not to mention it’s a natural mood-booster! So, when daylight is in short supply during the winter– or if you spend a lot of time indoors - light therapy can have a real impact on your mood, energy levels and productivity.

But how does it work? Professor Norman E. Rosenthal, a psychiatrist and scientist who first researched winter depression in 1980s, stated that your levels of serotonin (the happy hormone) are dependent on the sunlight you receive.

The amount of serotonin in the blood coming from the brain varies directly with the amount of sunlight exposure. Professor Normal E. Rosenthal

So, when daylight is limited, getting your daily dose of bright light therapy has been proven to increase your serotonin levels, which improves feelings of wellbeing and happiness, whilst combatting symptoms of SAD and winter blues.

Vitamin L SAD lamp

Light therapy also suppresses melatonin secretion (the sleep hormone) leaving you feeling less lethargic during the day – either by helping you wake gently with sunrise simulation, or to combat the feelings of sluggishness with bright light emitted by a SAD lamp.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have reached out to our customers to reflect on how light therapy has helped them over the years.
Bodyclock Luxe 750DAB
I've had my Lumie for over 10 years now and I can't believe how I survived without it. After my son was born 23 years ago, I suffered many a sleepless night as my son slept soundly. Years passed until I came across Lumie, and I've never looked back - gently drifting to sleep and waking feeling refreshed. You really have given me my health back as nothing works better than a great night's sleep. - Georgina
I've always struggled to wake up in the mornings, like really struggled! My lovely mum saved up to buy me a Lumie for Christmas in 2015 to try and help me in the mornings and it really has changed my life. I wake up easily, feeling refreshed and in a much better mood than pre-Lumie. I still use it each and every day! Nearly 6 years now. - Amy
During the winter months especially, I am so glad to have my Lumie wake-up light! Waking up to light instead of a dark room is a big mental health bonus and sets me up for the day. - Emma
Bodyclock Spark 100
I got my Lumie in the first lockdown. I suffered from SAD my whole life without even knowing what it was. And waking up to Lumie was the best thing. It has changed my life and I can’t imagine living without it - Helen
I got my Lumie Bodyclock shortly after starting university around 7 years ago. Unfortunately, the stress of university and being away from home and my support system triggered depression, and I eventually became too ill to continue studying. My Bodyclock wake-up light was and is a fantastic help with the SAD aspects of my depression, as well as helping keep me to a sleep schedule. Conventional alarm clocks that blare out a sudden loud noise would often shock me, and I would wake up straight into a panic attack. My Lumie wakes me gently and gradually so when the radio turns on it’s not a shock at all. I also find the sunset mode very helpful, it gradually dims the light at bedtime, giving me 30 minutes to calm down, relax, and get ready for bed rather than attempt to go from a busy day straight to sleep. I love my Lumie alarm clock, and it is one of the most helpful purchases I’ve made with regards to my mental health - Rachael
I bought my Lumie in the early 2000s after struggling to get up during the dark winter mornings. It transformed my mornings and I love it. It wakes me up gently and makes me very happy. Late for work no more! - Victoria
Desklamp SAD lamp
I first started using a Lumie light in 2010 when I was struggling with my mental health at university and feeling really low in winter with the short, dark days. I still have that same light and I’m only on the second light bulb! Since then, I have done a variety of jobs and found that waking up early in winter was so much easier with Lumie easing me into the day. As a midwife on night shifts, Lumie helped me to wake up at 6pm for a night shift and not feel like I was hungover from my switched over body clock! Working in the NHS in a pandemic has been intense but I know I can start my day right if I wake up gently with Lumie. Lumie helps me to switch off after a busy day and wake myself ready to help more mums to be a little less anxious during such a stressful time - Charlotte
My husband bought me my first Lumie eleven years ago this October. I was on the verge of heading into a dark place, and he thought it would help keep me going through the winter. Happily, it really did transform my outlook, and I’ve since used other Lumie lights and whilst working from home over lockdown we invested in the daytime SAD light - Bernadette
I've had my Lumie wake up light for 15 years now and have only ever needed to replace the bulb once. I also invested in the SAD lamp 5 years ago. I wouldn't be without either and have recommended them to family and friends over the years. Life wouldn't be the same without my Lumie alarm clock, and if I go away for a week I tend to pack it in my case - Wendy

To explore the science behind light therapy for seasonal affective disorder, winter blues and sleep problems, read the research papers about sleep and SAD.