British sprinter beaten by jet lag

British sprinter Richard Kilty admitted flying in from Florida for the BT CityGames in Manchester had left him severely jet-lagged for his race on Saturday.

The world indoor champion at 60m, Kilty was competing in the 100m at the weekend and came third with 10.19sec. But it seems that the other athletes weren't the only thing he'd been up against: "I had to drink four double-shot espressos to wake me up because I only had three hours sleep last night," he said.

Light is well-known for its abilities to influence the internal body clock and exposure at specific times can be used to reset the clock so that it starts its 24hr-cycle earlier (a phase advance) or later (phase delay) in the day. This makes it an interesting option for reducing the impact of long-haul flights - for athletes and the rest of us. The Research Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Liverpool John Moores University has published results on this and since 2010 Lumie has been involved in their research on light therapy for sport.

Read more about minimising jet lag with light therapy; if you've got a trip coming up then use our Jet Lag Optimiser to get a light schedule specific to your needs and check out Zest for portable bright light you can use at home and away.

May 19 2014

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