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NewsMar 8

Lumie Stands with Ukraine

Woodrow Wilson once said that the history of liberty is a history of resistance, and while we’re in awe of the brave Ukrainian people making history standing up for their freedom and their country, we’re deeply distressed by the developing humanitarian crisis. We’re heartbroken for those who’ve lost their lives, livelihoods, homes, or freedom fighting for Ukraine or standing up for the truth.

Quick GuidesMar 3

5 Best Books for Better Sleep

If you're anything like the average person living in the UK, the likelihood is that you're not getting enough sleep. You think you've tried it all; no caffeine in the afternoon, breathing techniques, more regular bedtimes, maybe even counting sheep - and yet a good night's sleep is still something you merely (day)dream about. So, what better time than World Book Day to take the matter into your own hands (literally!)? Go ahead and pick up one of these top-rated books on sleep...

Quick GuidesFeb 14

Improve Your Sleep for a Better Love Life: Advice from a Sleep Expert

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to shine a light on how poor-quality sleep and disrupted bedtime routines can impact our love lives. It’s true, we can all get short tempered and a little grumpy when we don’t get enough good-quality sleep! This sleep deprivation often makes us less understanding and impatient – not the qualities you’d usually look for in your perfect partner.

Quick GuidesFeb 8

How to Practice Self-Love with Poppy Jamie

Why should Valentine’s Day be reserved for romantic love? Join us in celebrating the most important relationship you’ll ever have…the one with yourself!

Wellness WednesdayJan 26

Nourishing Your Body for SAD and Better Mood with Nutritionist Sophia Hill

Wellness WednesdayJan 19

A Revival Yoga Flow with Bex Parker Smith

Wellness WednesdayJan 12

Prioritising Mindful Meditations with Jodie Melissa

Welcome to the second instalment of our Wellness Wednesday Series. Every Wednesday throughout January, we will be exploring a different wellness topic to help kickstart your New Year. Our focus this week is ‘Meditation’ and today we delve into prioritising mindful moments with Jodie Melissa.

ResearchJan 10

Timed Light Therapy Improves Blood Pressure Control and Glucose Tolerance in Rotating Night Shift Workers

In today’s day and age, our daily rhythms are more and more governed by technology and modern lifestyles rather than natural cycles of light and darkness. As a result, many of us work around the clock, often juggling irregular schedules, including nightshifts. With shift work, however, come various health risks, including sleep and mood disorders, all of which can be attributed to disrupted circadian rhythms.

Wellness WednesdayJan 5

Setting Intentions with Rochelle Knowles

Welcome to the first instalment of our Wellness Wednesday Series. Every Wednesday throughout January, we will be exploring a different wellness topic to help kickstart your New Year. Our first focus is ‘Mind’ and today we delve into setting intentions with life coach Rochelle Knowles.

Quick GuidesDec 21, 2021

Time to Hit Pause: 5 Journal Prompts for Winter Solstice

Quick GuidesDec 15, 2021

How to Prioritise Rest This Christmas with Joe Welstead

When you think of Christmas, restful isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Famously known as the most wonderful (and stressful!) time of the year, it can sometimes feel impossible to put your wellbeing first while rushing to visit family and friends.

Quick GuidesDec 10, 2021

How to Look After Your Wellbeing While Working from Home

NewsNov 30, 2021

The Wake-Up and SAD Lights on Everyone’s Christmas List

Christmas may be on the way, but the gloomy, dark and not-so welcome mornings have already arrived! Give the gift of a life made bright this holiday season with Lumie.