I was losing about half a year!


Jules is married with three children aged between 16 and 26 and lives in Whitstable, Kent. She owns a busy and successful PR agency, co-presents on Kent Business Radio, is co-founder of a business networking group and also runs a holiday rentals company.

 "I have suffered from SAD for about 10 years and the symptoms, for me, are very noticeable. During the dark winter months, I would become more and more lethargic, even my close friends noticed. It affected my business and my personal life, too. I was not earning the same amount as I would during the spring and summer months - I was losing about half a year! I believe that January to March / April are my worst months and I always crave more carbs and sleep longer.


I found light therapy extremely effective. As I work from home, I decided to try the Lumie Visor (sorry, no longer available!) so that I can wear it when I need to do things (like chores such as loading the dishwasher etc). I use my light for around 45 minutes a day from November until March.  I also try to go for daily walks whatever the weather as exercise also helps.


I have even bought a Lumie Bodyclock sun rise alarm clock for my husband and youngest son."

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