Winners of January light therapy announced!

Just before Christmas we offered companies and schools to the chance to win a month of free light therapy in January to combat the post-Christmas gloom. Nominations came in from publishing houses, transport offices, banks, schools and factories and ‘Eat With Your Eyes’, a design, branding and marketing agency from Bedford, were our winners and have already switched on their lightboxes in the office and are waking up with Bodyclock at home to tackle the dark January mornings.

Jason Beeby, Partner at ‘Eat With Your Eyes’ said “We are delighted as a company to have each won a Lumie Bodyclock and light therapy for the office as we know only too well how hard it is to get up and adjust to the darker seasons. We all start work just after 7am and so the difference in light is only too apparent. When you come back to work after the Christmas break and the mornings are dark it can make you feel quite lethargic and getting motivated proves difficult. We are keen to see how effective these products will be and who responds to it! Hopefully it will make us even more productive in this gloomy month!”.

‘Blue Monday’ also falls during January – this year it’s on Monday 21st – and is supposed to be the day when overdrafts, failed resolutions and general post-Christmas gloom come together to make us feel truly fed-up. Even the healthiest people can suffer from an afternoon slump and if the afternoon is the low point of the day at work, then winter is the worst time for absenteeism. Research shows that much of this is related to anxiety, stress and depression. Depression and lack of energy – symptoms of SAD – are at their worst during January and February; when there is the least amount of bright light available naturally.

We’ll keep you posted as to how the ‘Eat With Your Eyes’ team is getting on...