Training for SwimBritain takes a dive

The Lumie SwimBritain team have completed their 10th session and are now all swimming 950m. With the 1000m goal in sight and only a couple of weeks left to train, the focus of the remaining sessions will be on the need for speed!

However, Lauren is on holiday and Charlie is taking things slow after her foot injury so there's been a lot less pool action. Olivia is still training hard and Millie had a good week too, swimming 20 lengths without stopping - her best effort so far - and is hoping to cram in some extra hours after school as well as before: "I feel that each time I swim, it’s easier than the previous session".

Millie certainly seems to be getting into the spirit of SwimBritain, something British Swimming presenter Andy Sixsmith encourages in this week's top tip:

The SwimBritain Accelerator Programme has been invaluable for managing the team’s progress and there's an example below of how a freestyle training session would be structured. If you're using it too, message us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know how you’re finding it . Are you at the stage you expected to be, struggling to keep up or zooming ahead?


For full details visit the SwimBritain website.

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September 13 2013

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