Timetable clashes for SwimBritain team

It’s week four of SwimBritain training and the good news is that Charlie should have recovered well enough from her foot surgery to get back in the pool next week. It's good timing because with Millie and Olivia now back at school, and Lauren off on holiday, the team are going to struggle to fit in their training sessions...

To keep Lumie and all the other SwimBritain teams motivated we've got a wet handful of tips from Olympic swimmer Chris Walker-Hebborn:

  • Carbohydrate overload Some people make the mistake of doing this on the day but it MUST be the night before. That's your pasta, potatoes, etc. - chicken pasta bake is a personal fave!
  • Rest up This goes without saying but make sure your body is fully rested and ready to go. A good night’s rest is always in order and maybe a cheeky hot bath to relax the muscles!
  • Hydrate Make sure you're well hydrated before the race, not just with water, but also ensure your electrolytes are topped up. Powerade or Lucozade are great.
  • Efficient strokes Whatever stroke you're using, try to make each one as efficient as possible because better technique will ensure faster, more efficient swimming!
  • Pace yourself Everyone will set off at their own pace, so ensure you stick to your own race strategy/plan. When the time comes, put the burners on, finish strong and keep your head in the game - positive re-enforcement can be a huge plus to your team! So remain positive. A happy swimmer is a fast swimmer.
  • Recovery Once you finish the race make sure you replenish with both water and food (preferably your white meats as they are digested the quickest) and of course STRETCH. This is so important, otherwise you may feel sore the next day!

Let us know how your sessions are going and how you're coping with the challenge: #LumieSwim on Twitter or on Facebook.

For full details or to join in the British Gas SwimBritain challenge visit the SwimBritain website.

If you'd like further information, access to scientific research, case studies or comments from academic experts, please contact the Lumie press office on 01954 780500 or email pr@lumie.com.

September 06 2013

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