Andreas Lenzhofer of Dagsmejan on Sleep, Well-being and Entrepreneurship

Andreas Lenzhoffer and Catarina Dahlin, founders of Dagsmejan

Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhoffer

Andreas Lenzhofer is the co-founder of Dagsmejan (together with his partner Catarina Dahlin), a brand from Switzerland which specialises in designing functional sleepwear. You may have spotted their lush outfits in our newest photos! A few of us on the Lumie team have put Dagsmejan designs to the test and we all agree that they're the comfiest pieces of sleepwear we've ever slept in. “Dagsmejan” is a Swedish word that refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sun’s rays causes the snow to thaw, and that perfectly reflects the bliss we experienced when sleeping or lounging around the house wearing their clever outfits. Today we're catching up with Andreas to talk all things sleep, well-being and entrepreneurship, and to announce our big giveaway!

Andreas - thank you so much for partnering up with us and for taking the time to chat! For starters, which three words would you say describe you the best?

Curious, entrepreneurial and 'Swissmopolitan' (= Swiss x cosmopolitan).

Can you tell us more about what inspired you to start Dagsmejan?

Inspiration to start Dagsmejan came from two realisations; on one hand, it was the discovery of just how important sleep is for our personal health and well-being; plus, we could see this as a big mega-trend worldwide, which is a bonus! On the other hand, it was my passion for mountaineering, which was directly correlated with my interest in buying high-end functional, fit-for-purpose garments. It dawned on me that despite all those advances in textile science and functional clothing, we are to spend one third of our lives in one of the least innovative garments around – the classic pyjamas.

True! So what’s the single best thing you’ve ever done to get you to where you are now?

Hands down, the best thing that's ever happened to me and led me to where I am today was meeting Catarina, my partner in life and in business. Only a few weeks after we became an item we decided to go into business together. And we have never looked back since!

That's absolutely amazing! What a great story. And which top three lessons you’ve learned in your journey as a start-up entrepreneur so far?

One - customers need to love your products; two - it’s a marathon, not a sprint; and three - focus on hunting the antelopes, not the mice.

We love that! Now, moving away from the business world for a moment, could you tell us a little about your morning routine, how do you like to start your day?

With (a lot!) of coffee, some stretches and gymnastics, and - last but not least- a good breakfast.

Sounds perfect. And what’s your favourite season/time of the year and why?

Winter - without a question. I love snow, I love to be out in the mountains skiing, mountaineering (as you already know!) and ice climbing.

Very impressive! How do you keep yourself motivated and energised all rear round? Do you notice much change in your personal levels of energy with the change of seasons? And if so, how do you manage that?

My personal energy levels are less influenced by seasons and more determined by how well I manage to stick to my sleep routine. Obviously, by being a sleepwear entrepreneur, I try as much as a can to make this a priority, but there are times where this is difficult to maintain – this is when my energy levels drop.

A good night's sleep is a must then. Autumn and Winter can also be challenging for maintaining optimal mood, energy and productivity. What are your top three tips for cultivating good mental health throughout these seasons?

Go out and see the light - or use a light box if you are living somewhere where there is not enough daylight; do sports, eat well - it's simple, really!

Digital detox or scrolling in bed? How do you switch off and wind down in the evening?

Digital detox, of course. I stick to the rule of not exposing myself to any blue light one hour before going to bed. I use a sleep/wake-up light for low-blue sleep-optimised lighting in my bedroom in the evening, and for a gentle start of the day in the morning when I wake up with sunrise simulation.

We couldn't agree more. Aside from that, what are your top three sleep hygiene practices you use daily to ensure a good night’s sleep?

Firstly, and I cannot stress this enough, make sure the smartphone from your bedroom altogether, not just for that last hour or two; your brain associates it with stress and excitement, which hinders deep and restorative sleep. Secondly, keep it cool: allowing the core body temperature to drop helps you fall and stay asleep, so keep the bedroom temperature cool! Lastly, set the body at ease by using your tried and trusted sleep kit you can travel with, such as sleepwear, a good pillow, eye mask, mattress topper, a light-weight sleep/wake-up light. Your body likes (and needs) familiarity, especially when you are regularly spending night away from home.

Perfect tips -thank you, Andreas! We're excited to be offering our audience a chance of winning Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700 sleep/wake-up light and Dagsmejan sleepwear set (size/ colour/style to be decided by the winner, subject to availability). We're partial to the NATTWARM™ SLEEP TECH Tunica... 


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