Singer Songwriter Tom Cridland: "Meditate, Exercise and Make Sure You Are Working on Something That Makes You Happy!"

Today we meet with Tom Cridland, a singer songwriter, who is currently on a tour of 48 states in the US! Curious how he keeps his energy up while managing such a hectic schedule, we queried Tom about his daily routine.

Tom Cridland

Hello Tom, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. Before we dive in, could you tell us which three words describe you the best?

Driven, reckless and loving.

That's an intriguing set of traits! What’s your morning routine like?

I’ve never been a morning person. I used to be quite a heavy drinker on nights out so that often made mornings hard for me. I have found mornings progressively easier the more I have woken to a Lumie Bodyclock. Cutting out my drinking, exercising more more and switching to a predominantly whole foods plant based diet have also played a major role in improving how I feel first thing.

Sounds like you've made some really great lifestyle changes - and we're happy to hear Lumie Bodyclock played a role in your transformation into (more of) a morning person! What is your favourite season?

Summer, simply because light, sunny places make me feel noticeably more happy.

I think the majority of us love summery vibes the most. Do you notice your personal levels of energy change throughout seasons? How do you manage that?

I find that my energy can often dip during darker winter months. I am in a fairly strict routine of waking up, exercising, meditating, doing a vocal warm up and songwriting, all first thing. Without my Lumie Bodyclock I think I would find it very difficult to get up and go when it’s still dark.

Yes, using sleep/wake up lights this time of year is a must for us too!  Autumn and Winter can also be challenging for maintaining optimal mood, energy and productivity. What are your top three tips for cultivating good mental health throughout these seasons?

Meditate, exercise and make sure you are working on something that makes you happy.

Amen to that! Speaking of work, can you tell us more about one of your recently released singles "I Still Believe I Can Do It"? What you’re setting out to achieve in the music industry?

"I Still Believe I Can Do It" is an upbeat, funky pop record that I wrote to be inspire people to persevere in times of trouble. It’s truly uplifting musically and lyrically. I am on a mission to become the biggest pop star in the world and am releasing one single, music video and podcast episode per week indefinitely. There are also plenty of wonderful surprises up my sleeve in addition to that.

Wow, that's quite a plan! You say you are releasing one single per week indefinitely. How many songs have you written?

I’ve written and recorded 130 songs and already have plans to do more.

That's insane! And what are your top three lessons you’ve gained in your journey as a musician so far?

These lessons don't only apply to music; they apply to life in general. One: less is more; two: don’t spend before you’ve earned; and three: enjoy the process because the road to success can be a long one.

A great set of values to live by for sure. What’s the single best thing you’ve ever done to get you to where you are now?

Met my beautiful girlfriend and business partner, Deborah Marx, who manages me through her agency Deborah Marx Management. We will have been together for ten years come February. We met when we were Uni students in halls.

We love that! Now, what or who (apart from your lovely girlfriend Deborah, obviously!) inspires you the most at the moment?

Currently I am greatly inspired by the finest American band of all time - Earth, Wind & Fire. Their influence is all over my own music. I read Maurice White’s autobiography earlier this year and it was just mind blowing.

With so much going on it must sometimes feel like you're "on it" 24/7. How do you switch of and wind down in the evening? Do you opt for a digital detox or scrolling in bed? 

Scrolling in bed is a toxic habit. Smartphones and social media can be a huge drain on productivity and very harmful to sleep hygiene. I would honestly recommend to everyone to spend time with a good book or a loved one before bed and leave their phones in another room - in fact, that;s one of my favourite things about the new Lumie Bodyclock lights! Thanks to their low-blue light features they create a lovely, relaxing, sleep-optimised environment and make it easier to wind down. I wouldn't be without it!

Thank you so much Tom! To all our readers, you can listen to Tom Cridland's music here.You can also check out his music videos and video podcast here on Youtube


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