Light therapy for SAD, sleep, sports... and singing

Despite the odd bright day, autumn's definitely arrived and SAD and winter blues features are appearing all over the press and online as people start to feel the effects of the dull grey days and writers offer advice and best product tips.

The Huffington Post seem to be big fans of light therapy and have two recent features on SAD saying, ' is is one of our favourite websites for light therapy boxes and Bodyclock alarms' and recommending Arabica. The men's style website, ChicGeek, also plumped for Arabica in their feature, as well as Bodyclock Starter, highlighting the year-round effects of light therapy on well-being and its increasing use in sports training.

Using light to feel more positive and energised is something the British Swimming, Rowing and Cycling teams know all about and sports and fitness titles including Rowing and Regatta, Cycling Weekly and Women's Fitness all suggested readers start their day with a Bodyclock to give their mornings a kick-start. There's also an in-depth review of Bodyclock Go from a 'night owl' personal trainer who was struggling to get going in the mornings...

In a slightly different sporting vein, we liked the feature in Bike magazine where former superbike champion James Toseland showed how he'd spend £2,500; most of it went on bike gear (naturally), a day at Brands Hatch and a sound system but he also put Bodyclock Starter on the list:

James Toseland explains why he likes Bodyclock Starter in Bike magazine

Clock-change weekend saw a splurge of articles on better sleep with plenty more Bodyclock recommendations in Healthy, Women's Weekly and on Net-a-Porter, where Bodyclock Active was a 'must-have'. Bodyclock Go featured in Boots Parenting as a gift for new dads who might need some 'extra get-up-and-go after all those sleepless nights' - we know that parents use the sunset option to help the children drift off too.

It's not all about winter mood and energy boosts though: Hello magazine ran a feature on top skin treatments and chose acne light Clear for the skin-healing properties of the red and blue light. And last but not least, there was the 'blink and you'll miss it' shot of Bodyclock Go being used in the X-Factor house!

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