Lumie Lights Shining at Warner Music’s Wellness Week

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for a chill out room during Warner Music’s Wellness Week which is running this week at their London offices in Kensington. Warner Music’s 600 employees are benefiting from a range of well-being events including talks from experts and an exhibition that will showcase Lumie lights among other well-being brands.

The light therapy chill out room features Lumie Brazil, the company’s most powerful lightbox that delivers 10,000 lux (the amount of visible light a person receives at a given point) at up to 35 cm. To put that in context, even a well-lit office only delivers about 500 lux. Bright light therapy has been shown to improve productivity, mood and alertness and is especially good for getting you going in the morning and for picking you up from the post-lunch slump.

Workplace well-being aside, using a light therapy box is an effective treatment for anyone on the winter blues spectrum, from those who experience a drop in their mood and energy to those who are disabled by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Just 30-60 minutes’ treatment is enough to feel the effects and the therapy is cumulative so it doesn’t have to be taken in one sitting.

“We are delighted to be able to include Lumie lights in Warmer Music’s Wellness Week this year. Light therapy adds value to this important investment in our employees’ wellbeing at what is typically a low point in the year. Not only do we see tangible benefits in terms of reduced absenteeism and improved productivity but it’s also great for team building.” Amanda Papageorgiou, HR, Warner Music

“We can use light at any time of day to acutely boost our mood, level of alertness and ability to perform cognitive tasks. In the winter when our environmental light levels are at their lowest, using a light box in the workplace is an effective way to ensure we get enough light. Simply using a bright light box for 15-30 min can have a positive effect.” Dr Victoria Revell, Circadian Rhythm Expert, Surrey University

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