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I would highly recommend this device   5/5

Michelle Wall, Liverpool

I have used my Lumie Clear for 12 months now and am still very impressed with my results.

My GP was not very concerned when my skin was rapidly worsening over 4 weeks and gave me antibiotic after antibiotic (all useless) before agreeing to refer me for a second course of roaccutane. I had previously had great success with the drug 5 years earlier but had to finish early due to sudden onset depression symptoms.

After my fantastic results last summer I continue to use Lumie Clear about once or twice a month for hormonal spots but I have had no recurrence of the cystic acne.

I highly recommend this to device to anyone suffering with any form of acne, I only wish I had used the Lumie clear from the initial breakout as it would have prevented my scarring which remains fairly obvious.


Amazing product- recommended to all with acne!   5/5

Frankie, Devon

I have had my Lumie Clear for around 5 months, and my skin has never looked better! I had a nasty re-occurring patch of outbreak on cheek- mainly because there was a lot of open, deep pores. The Lumie Clear has completely cleared this up and the pores appear smaller! I use it on the patch for 30 minutes per day- easily done if you have a plug next to your bed with a TV just  sit and relax!

I would really recommend all those who suffer from mild to severe acne to try this. I have had acne for 11 yrs since 13 yrs of age! it is fairly time consuming, and a bit embarrassing if your dating someone new, as they think its some kind of alien device! but if they like you, they won't care!

It’s not an expensive product- if you are serious about clearing up your acne, save and buy it! It does work!


Surprisingly good!   5/5

Sandy, Edinburgh

I turned to Lumie Clear light in desperation and I'm so glad I did. It's worth it! 

A bit of background - I've basically had moderate acne for nearly 30 years but it's been controlled over most of that time by various medicines. A few years ago it got worse (which seems to be fairly common in women in their 40's) and nothing I tried, up to and including Roaccutane, worked for longer than a few months.

The light hasn't completely cured the spots, but I get far less and when they do come they're more like pimples rather than the cystic acne I had before.

You really have to stick to a routine with it, but I'd definitely recommend it. Wish I'd tried it years ago!

Plus the customer service has been great!

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