Life Made Bright: Christmas Gift Guide

It's that time of the year: the radio's playing Christmas classics, colleagues are wearing reindeer jumpers, and villages, towns and cities across the country are lit up with sparkly lights. 

Whilst the long hours of darkness create a wonderful backdrop for flickering lights and shimmering decorations, the lack of daylight can really affect us at this time of year. This can range from feeling a little more cranky and fatigued than usual to full-on Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) where every winter day can feel like a real struggle.

Light is such an important factor for our overall physical well-being since it keeps our circadian rhythms on track, regulating daily cycles such as when we feel hungry, tired and fired up. So make sure you switch on your Lumie lights this Christmas for a natural stimulant that will help you feel positive, upbeat and full of ho-ho-ho. 

And if you're a confirmed fan of light therapy, why not spread the love and brighten someone's Christmas Day with a gift to make them feel good. Here are our top five recommendations for presents that will light up the room...


Best for Minimalists

Bodyclock Spark 100 is the perfect introduction to the benefits of sleeping and waking with light for those looking for a minimal sunrise alarm. Bodyclock Spark 100 has the essential 30-minute sunrise and sunset, simple functionality and easy tap snooze. 





Best for Design Fans

Bodyclock Shine 300 stunningly combines form and function. Building on the essential Bodyclock functionality, Shine 300 features adjustable sunrise and sunset settings, FM radio and a choice of 14 sleep/wake sounds as well as repeat alarm, tap snooze and lots more.




Bodyclock lights are perfect for commuters & go-getters. We talked to Chantal di Donato, a London-based yoga teacher and entrepreneur who's always on the go, to hear how waking up with light helps her stay active and alert in the colder seasons:

Winter is so hard! The standard early morning alarm is probably everyone’s worst nightmare, even for yogis who love practising first thing when they wake up. The wake-up light from Lumie is the most gentle, perfect way to wake up without feeling 'thrown out' of our sleep. As the light gently becomes brighter, it feels like I am being woken up by a rising sun, which makes it so much easier to open my eyes and feel ready to get up! The sunrise simulation gives our body a cue to decrease melatonin and increase the 'get up and go' hormones, so when I get up I don't feel sleepy and drowsy, but ready to start my day with a dynamic and energising practice on my mat! Namaste.

Best for Techies

Bodyclock Luxe 750D is  our most premium Bodyclock, featuring DAB radio and a glass lamp cover. low-blue light to be non-alerting at bedtime. It also has high quality audio with Bluetooth and offers a selection of over 20 sleep/wake sounds. Other features include; sunrise and sunset from 15 to 90 minutes; a nightlight setting; 7-day alarm; dimmable bedside lighting; snooze; power failure back-up .

 Best for Winter Blues Sufferers

Vitamin L is a slimline bright light for SAD and well-being to improve mood, energy and focus. It has warm white LEDs to create a particularly authentic sunlight effect and a rippled diffuser for a soft, comfortable light. 






Best for Young Families

Bedbug is an award-winning sleep aid for babies and children that uses low-blue light to create calm bedtimes and good nights. A combi product, it offers a 15-minute sunset, reading and nightlight.






We caught up with Katie Underwood, a PR & Social Media Specialist and a mum of three to find out how our 3-in-1 light transformed her evenings: 

Lumie bedbug is an ideal gift for a family like ours. We’re always on the go, and the kids find it hard to wind down in the evenings. The bedtime routine has always been noisy and stressful, but the bedbug has helped us create a calm atmosphere with the timed sunset setting. The kids think the bedbug is their little pal, and they love the soothing red nightlight. But really it’s my best friend. It helps keep the evening routine short, and we’ve noticed a definite change for the better in their evening settling. I’d recommend the Lumie Bedbug to any young family in desperate need of sleep!


Last day for FREE standard UK delivery is Tues 18 Dec. Full details of Christmas delivery dates.

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