Bodyclock and Katy Hill's pursuit of happiness!

We were delighted to hear from TV presenter Katy Hill who emailed us recently to find out if Lumie light therapy could ease her family's mornings. Katy and husband Trey Farley have two children and, after seeing a feature on SAD in The Sunday Times, thought one of our Bodyclock wake-up lights might be just what they needed: "They sound like a godsend for parents, who want to feel normal at an early wake up time, not to mention to help with the awful SAD around at the moment. As TV Presenters we often have early call times so I'm guessing these would make life easier? Plus we're currently planning to both run the Marathon next year so rest will be even more key!"

Well, it seems to be doing the trick and Katy's now posted this update on her blog, The Pursuit of Happiness: "I do generally get a bit low at this time of year and since I’m pretty much one of the happiest people I know (!) I figure I can’t be alone with my January blues, so I’m consciously thinking happy! I’ve even been waking up happier since I got sent a Lumie Bodyclock Go alarm to try out. It’s totally working and now means that my wake-up isn’t such a shock to the system and I’ve gone from inwardly groaning when it’s time to get up, to feeling energised and ready for the day as the simulated sunrise has woken me gradually! So far, so good!"

If your mornings could do with with a kick-start, do what Katy did and take a look at the Bodyclock range.

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