Summer's over, get ready for the winter blues

Well, the bank holiday seems to signal the end of summer. More grey, colourless, sun-less days filled with drizzle await. Make sure you nip your SAD and winter blues symptoms in the bud by getting ready now.

  • Don't ignore the signs We've had a pretty good summer in the UK but the sunshine has been more intermittent in the last couple of weeks. How have you been feeling recently? A bit more sluggish, less inclined to get outside and exercise and snacking on more carbs? Our SAD forum has certainly started to get busy again and, if you're not sure whether or not you have SAD, it's a good place to see how sufferers pick-up on the tell-tale signs and start preparing for autumn and winter. If you've twigged that, actually, you always seem to feel like this around September, then Prof. Norman Rosenthal (the psychiatrist and researcher that first gave Seasonal Affective Disorder a name) has written a really accessible book that's an excellent introduction to spotting the symptoms and dealing with SAD and winter blues.
  • Give your lightbox an MOT If you've not used your SAD light for a few months, or maybe even packed it away in spring, now is the time to make sure that it's ready for action. Bright lights like Arabica, Brightspark and Brazil use bulbs that slowly fade and need replacing every three years to be effective. Test them now and order your replacement bulbs - including ones for our discontinued lightboxes like Pharos - to get them in the next few days. If your light needs more than a new bulb, we also have a repair service. Again, get in touch on 01954 780500 or email so that we can fix your light as soon as possible.
  • Get switched on! If you think winter blues and SAD symptoms are sneaking back then start using light therapy now. It's much better to take early action than wait until you become moody, tearful, unmotivated and withdrawn. If you don't yet have some light therapy in your life, check out our special deals and contact the Lumie team if you need advice on choosing the right light for you. For the sceptics amongst you, all our lights are available on 30-day trial!
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