'Lumie Desklamp changed my life' - a writer's story

Thea Bennett is a successful writer who has several publications under her belt. Her Lumie Desklamp has kept her company as she’s written seven children’s books under different pen names (for the Beast Quest series published by Orchard, the City Farm series published by Curious Fox, and The Fairy Animals of Misty Wood series published by Egmont). She is also the author of ‘London Gin – the Gin Craze‘, a wide-ranging and fun guide to the quintessential British spirit published by Golden Guides Press. Moreover, writing as Martha Ockley, she has a crime novel ‘A Saintly Killing’ due to be published by Lion Books in October 2014.

Here she tells her Lumie story...


 “I have never actually been diagnosed with SAD, but increasingly in recent years I have felt lethargic and miserable in winter. A sense of hopelessness sets in, and it’s hard to cheer myself up without eating far too many carbohydrates! Also, when it’s dark outside, it’s agony being dragged into wakefulness by the blare of an alarm clock. The Lumie Bodyclock, which I’ve had for about seven years now, makes those winter mornings much easier. I wake up gently and peacefully as the light increases, and get up long before the alarm tone starts.

Back in the autumn of 2011, I was given the opportunity to work on several projects for children’s books. This was very exciting as it was my first foray into being a professional writer, as opposed to someone who just loved writing. Then disaster struck. The clocks went back, and I found it impossible to work at my desk in the evenings. Even though I had deadlines looming, it was just too hard – I’was feeling completely muddle headed and nodding off in front of the computer screen. So, having had discovered the benefits of a Bodyclock, I thought I’d try a Lumie Desklamp. The results were amazing. Suddenly I could concentrate again in the evenings. I now use it during the day as well, if there’s no sunshine. I just can’t afford to not have my brain cells operating at maximum capacity.

This summer the lamp stopped working and, although I bought a replacement bulb, I couldn’t fix it. My Desklamp is an old model now, but Lumie repaired it for me at a fraction of the cost of a new one and sent it back in perfect condition. It took a while for the repair, due to a missing part, but the company called me and talked me through everything and gave excellent customer service. I now look forward to the dark months as being a great time to settle indoors and spend loads of productive time at the desk.

The Lumie Desklamp has changed my life and I would never be without it now. I have recommended it to several other writers, who now also have the lamps."

If you like the sound of Thea's lamp, have a look at the latest version of Desklamp - this one has LEDs so no worries about replacing bulbs! If you're considering light therapy but don’t know where to start, the Lumie Customer Care team is here to help: email or call us on 01954 780500.

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