WIN a bright start to 2013

So... Christmas is over and you're back to work: the weather's still dismal, your Inbox is full of all the things you put off last year and the only thing you're looking forward to is payday. Happy New Year!

To ease you into 2013 and brighten up your January, Lumie is offering a month of FREE light therapy. This will include a Bodyclock Starter for you and each of your workmates so you wake up feeling full of beans; plus we'll also kit out your workplace with 10,000lux lightboxes to lift the gloom and help you all feel motivated and refreshed while you're at work.


Tell us about your light-deprived workplace - it can be an office, classroom, workshop, call centre, staff room - then tell everyone you know to vote for you! We'll bring a bring a ray of sunshine to the workplace with the most votes. Get cracking though because entries need to be in by 21 Dec.


December 01 2012

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