Lumie & Polyphotonix to speak at the e-Luminate Cambridge Festival

Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie are partnering with medtech company Polyphotonix to present a fascinating talk on the role of light in our health as part of the forthcoming e-Luminate Cambridge Festival. The talk, which is free of charge, will take place at the prestigious Judge Business School on Monday 15th February from 6-7pm. The evening will then continue with a drinks reception to be hosted by the nearby Hotel du Vin, the Festival’s official host venue.

 Cambridge e-Luminate Festival 12-17 Feb 2016

‘Harnessing Light in MedTech’ will explore the advancements made in light technology and focus on two different applications; how it can be used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and keep our circadian rhythm healthy and how it can treat blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy. Dr Victoria Revell a circadian rhythm expert from Surrey University will explain the interaction between light and our internal body clock which governs so many of our daily functions and how light therapy can be applied using Lumie Bodyclock and Lumie’s bright lights. Richard Kirk, CEO of Polyphotonix, will present his company’s pioneering light treatment for loss of sight due to diabetic retinopathy. There will also be a short question and answer session.

Now in its 4th year, e-Luminate Cambridge Festival will be using light to create a unique and spectacular experience that runs from Friday 12th to Wednesday 17th February. Light art installations will be projected against some of Cambridge’s iconic buildings while the public will have a chance to learn about innovations in light technology through an exciting programme of events. Lumie is delighted to have come on board for the first time this year as a Bronze sponsor.

In training last year, the British Swimming team used Lumie Zest both as a wake-up light and as a bright light. The wake-up function was also helpful in controlling the athlete’s afternoon naps, which are either a 20-minute power nap or one full sleep cycle, that is 90 minutes. The sunrise simulation and bright light were very useful for mitigating the sleep inertia that athletes can experience after naps.

“The e-Luminate Cambridge Festival team is passionate about bringing innovation in light technology to the public in a creative way. We work with companies at the cutting edge of new technologies and collaborate with artists who use light at the core of their practice. The result is a special opportunity to experience how light can be used in art and science as well as giving visitors a unique way to discover the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge.” Alessandra Caggiano, e-Luminate Cambridge Festival Director.

The event is free to attend, reserve your entry here

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