British Rowing now on board

Lumie is delighted to officially announce its new relationship with British Rowing. We're now an Associate of the GB Rowing Team and of British Rowing and this adds to the strong links we already have with other major sporting bodies, including British Swimming.

Jonathan Cridland, Lumie CEO says, "We're very proud to be a supporter of British Rowing. We feel confident that with the use of our products the athletes will find that the bright light in the morning and evening will influence the production of hormones responsible for sleep and wakefulness helping them to feel more refreshed and motivated for training.”

For many people, getting up early to exercise is a challenge and training in the winter months is much more difficult than at other times of the year. Difficulty getting going in the morning can be caused by our body clock, the internal daily rhythm that tells the body when to sleep and wake up. Finding exercise harder in winter is partly down to the lack of bright light, affecting energy levels and mood.

Studies have shown that wake-up lights like Lumie Bodyclock, that gradually turn on and get brighter during the last 30 minutes of sleep, can reduce complaints of sleep inertia, a symptom that proves to be inconvenient for athletes trying to train in the morning. The light stimulates production of hormones that will help the rowers to get up and go, while suppressing those that bring on sleep.

The most effective intervention for shifting the body clock is bright light. Exposure to a lightbox at any time of day can give an instant boost to energy and mood.

“We're delighted to welcome Lumie as an Associate”, said British Rowing Chief Executive, Kate Burt. “Not only will our GB Rowing Team members benefit but also our members around the country who will soon be getting up in the dark to train before going to work or their studies.”

For professional sports men and women, such as the GB Rowing Team, lightboxes can speed the recovery from jet lag symptoms, give a boost in motivation and energy for training, and stimulate wakefulness at key times to improve performance.

If you'd like further information, access to scientific research, case studies or comments from academic experts, please contact the Lumie press office on 01954 780500 or email
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