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Bodyclock Luxe 700FM
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Bodyclock Glow 150
Life made bright
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Wouldn't be without my Lumie light now
It made a massive difference to how I feel when waking up on winter mornings. It's still a bit of a struggle, but I'm much less grumpy when my alarm goes off. The gentle sunrise also means I can avoid the horrible sudden brightness of a bedside light being put on on dark days!
Amy Wilkins
I don't know how I would manage without it
I have had one of the Lumie daylight lamps for probably seven years now and it is a standard feature of my bedroom between fall and spring. I am more energized and feel like I can manage things better - I am ready for the day. I definitely notice the difference when I use it again in the fall after the summer break.
I couldn’t go without a Lumie now!
Bodyclock Shine 300 is the best purchase I’ve ever made! I struggled so much with dark mornings and the change of season. I’ve used my Lumie for at least 3 years now and have no issue getting up on the dark mornings, it’s so refreshing and just like waking up in natural daylight. Different sound options are a great bonus.
I feel I can face the day with more positivity!
Bodyclock Rise 100 has made an incredible difference to my mood on winter mornings. Before, I used to feel so down and really struggle in the dark mornings, but my Lumie light now gently wakes me with its lovely glow. Thank you Lumie!
Sara Dave
I was terrible for getting up on a morning before I got this alarm clock
It is amazing! I have had it for 10+ years and it still works wonderfully. I have dyslexia and dyspraxia and this alarm clock has really helped me have a routine. I wake up with light before the beep and feel refreshed and ready to start the day. I tell everyone about Lumie alarm clocks because mine has helped me so much!
Light Therapy FAQ
How soon can you expect results from a bright light therapy lamp?
Both scientific research and feedback from our customers point to noticeable changes within just a few days of starting light therapy. Typically, a positive change becomes apparent at about the two-week point. Interestingly, many individuals even report feeling a boost in their energy levels and an improved sense of well-being right after their initial session!
What's the recommended duration for exposure to a bright light therapy lamp?
Let's delve into the impact of light on your body's internal clock. Morning light plays a vital role, but we understand that access to natural daylight isn't always feasible. This is where light therapy steps in as a valuable solution. Research demonstrates that dedicating a mere 30 minutes daily in front of a 10,000 lux light box (at about arm's length) can effectively enhance your mood, energy levels, focus, and even help regulate your sleep-wake cycle.
Wake-up lights vs bright light therapy lamps: what’s the difference?
Here's the scoop: Bright light therapy lamps emit bright light at 10,000 lux, resembling the intensity of daylight. They act as a robust cue for your brain, boosting energy, lifting mood, sharpening alertness, and promoting wakefulness. Best used in the morning to align your body with its natural rhythm and beat winter blues. Wake-up lights, on the other hand, emit a much less intense light, mimicking the changing nature of first and last light, aiming to bring you out of sleep gradually and much more effectively than a regular alarm or help you nod off naturally with the sunset simulation.
Can wake-up lights effectively alleviate symptoms of winter blues?
The short answer is - yes! Wake-up lights have a valuable role to play in the treatment of winter blues. Research shows that preference for one type of treatment or the other is roughly equal, although those with moderate depression tend to prefer bright light therapy. Lumie Bodyclock lights help to sync your body's internal clock for improved sleep and energy. Waking up gently with light significantly reduces that groggy feeling you get from a sudden alarm. It's a 10 out of 10 upgrade from the jarring buzz of your phone alarm!
Not sure which light is right for you?
See which light therapy routine will give you the boost you need to feel your best.
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From our community
I’m happier
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Chelsea
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Can’t do without
I find that when I use my Vitamin L light in the mornings as soon as I sit down for work, I feel so much more alert and ready for my day. I couldn't do winters without it now!
- Sienna
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I love this alarm!
The light feature works really well in the mornings and does wake us up gently - no more startling mobile phone alarm wake-ups for us!
- Shani
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Brighter mornings
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Emily
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Essential in the winter
I have been using this lightbox in the winter for years and consider it essential for my mental health. It’s compact, lightweight, bright and so easy to use - I’m very satisfied!
- Pat
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I love waking to my Lumie instead of a traditional alarm clock. The sunrise is very gentle and even the alarm tone isn't too harsh. I also think it looks attractive!
- Kate
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