British heritage, global mission
Founded in 1991 in Cambridge, Great Britain, Lumie’s been researching, designing and developing light therapy lamps for over 30 years. We even invented the world’s first ever wake-up light back in 1992! With great expertise comes great responsibility, and we are on a global mission to empower you to tune into your natural rhythms for best-ever sleep, mood and energy. Light keeps your circadian rhythms on track so that your routines (i.e. when you eat, work, and sleep) are aligned. Without strong light cues, everything can go out of sync. Lumie light therapy lamps, such as wake-up lights and daylight lamps, help entrain your brain to the 24-hour light-dark cycle, especially when you’re stuck indoors with little exposure to natural light, or when mornings are dark and the days are short, like in the fall and winter.
Over 30 years of expertize
Based on decades of scientific research into circadian wellbeing, seasonal affective disorder, sleep, light design and technology, Lumie lamps deliver swift results – right out of the box and for the years to come.
Clever *and* beautiful
Our products strike the perfect balance between creating the smoothest and most reliable light therapy experience and being out-right beautiful. So, when it comes to Lumie lights, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts!
From our community
I’m happier
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Chelsea
Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder and Winter Blues
Can’t do without
I find that when I use my Vitamin L light in the mornings as soon as I sit down for work, I feel so much more alert and ready for my day. I couldn't do winters without it now!
- Sienna
What is Sleep Anxiety and How To Treat It? Advice from Sleep Expert
I love this alarm!
The light feature works really well in the mornings and does wake us up gently - no more startling mobile phone alarm wake-ups for us!
- Shani
How to Reduce Stress Before Sleep: Expert Advice from The Joyful Coach
Brighter mornings
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Emily
Five Ways to Create a Restful Sleep Evironment
Essential in the winter
I have been using this lightbox in the winter for years and consider it essential for my mental health. It’s compact, lightweight, bright and so easy to use - I’m very satisfied!
- Pat
How to Look After Your Wellbeing While Working from Home
I love waking to my Lumie instead of a traditional alarm clock. The sunrise is very gentle and even the alarm tone isn't too harsh. I also think it looks attractive!
- Kate
How to Ban Your Phone from Your Bedroom in Three Easy Steps
Light therapy know-how
Want to understand the science behind Lumie lights? We’ve got you covered! Discover the amazing benefits of light therapy for better sleep, mood and energy:
What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder that stems from the lack of sufficient exposure to bright sunlight in winter.
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How can light therapy help me fall asleep faster?
Sleep researchers agree that one of the best things you can do is keep to a regular sleep schedule. Here’s how our lights can help...
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How can light therapy help my seasonal depression and winter blues?
You're not alone if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps since the days have been noticeably shorter and darker. Light therapy can help!
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How can light therapy help improve my mood?
Your body needs serotonin to produce melatonin, and if your sleep/wake cycles are disrupted, melatonin production may be off too.
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What is circadian rhythm?
Circadian rhythms are ~24 hour rhythms in physiology and behaviour which are driven by an internal clock.
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How can light therapy help me become a morning person?
Oversleeping in the morning could indicate that your body clock is set at a later time than desired. Light is able to synchronise your inner clock, and light therapy can help do just that!
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