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NewsJul 3

Advantage Lumie: Serving Up Natural Energy at Wimbledon IMG House

Game, set, light! At IMG House Wimbledon 2024, our Vitamin L and Bodyclock Glow 150 teamed up to boost tennis pros’ energy, as well as to help enhance sleep and ace their performance!

Quick GuidesMay 29

Circadian Rhythms and Digestive Health

This World Digestive Health Day, we explore the role of circadian rhythms in regulating digestion. Let's find out more!

NewsMay 16

International Day of Light: Paving the Way to Brighter Days with Lumie

This International Day of Light, we reflect on Lumie’s pioneering contributions to the light therapy industry, paving the way to improved mood, energy and alertness!

InterviewApr 5

Neurodiversity and Sleep: In Conversation with Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

This Autism Acceptance Week, we catch up with sleep expert, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, to discuss the relationship between neurodiversity and sleep. Let’s hear what Natalie has to say!

Quick GuidesMar 8

Preparing for March Clock Change: Keeping your Body Clock in Sync

Quick GuidesMar 6

Give the Gift of Easier Nights to New Parents

Quick GuidesFeb 14

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be a day of showing love for others, it’s also the perfect opportunity to prioritize self-care! Check out our wellness-boosting guide for February 14th and beyond.

InterviewFeb 6

Maintaining Your Energy this February: In Conversation with Amy Arthur

This February, we are focusing on starting small and prioritizing our well-being for optimal energy levels. We are joined by Amy Arthur who shares top tips for putting your energy into what matters.

Quick GuidesFeb 1

Transform your Mornings: The Power of Lumie Wake-up Lights

Regular alarms jolt you from sleep, essentially prompting you to wake with a fight-or-flight response. With the help of Lumie wake-up lights, you can wave goodbye to the stress of harsh alarms.

Case StudyJan 26

Switch Off to Power Up: A Digital Detox for Better Sleep and Energy

NewsJan 23

New Mood and Sleep-Enhancing Products Join Lumie's US Collection

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new game-changing products in the US following their great success in the UK. Get ready to transform your sleep and mood!

Quick GuidesJan 16

Intention Setting with Clementine App: A Positive and Gentle Start to 2024

InterviewJan 8

Top Tips for Pacing Yourself this January

January can leave us feeling like our social battery needs to be recharged. We are joined by author and science journalist, Amy Arthur, who shares top tips for pacing yourself this January.