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Versatile and high-quality Daylight Therapy Lamp
Sunlight is a natural mood-booster, influencing body chemistry (e.g. melatonin and serotonin levels), making you feel more awake and positive. If you are indoors, a bright light therapy session with Halo is the next best thing, putting you in a better mood, boosting energy, and making you feel alert.
10,000 lux
at 7.9 inches (20 cm) at full brightness in Day Mode for better mood, energy, alertness, and focus
Highly adjustable
Featuring Day and Evening Modes, adjustable brightness and color temperature
In Day Mode, Halo helps boost your mood, productivity and energy
Halo's versatility empowers you to be your brightest self while you work, create or design. Just like a filter, it enhances your appearance during video calls. In the brightest setting, Helo helps treat the symptoms of winter blues in as little as 30 min a day!
Natural energy
Halo helps fight fatigue, boost daytime alertness, improve focus and beat the afternoon slump
Intuitive interface
Use the touch slider to choose the perfect setting in which to jump on a video call, work, or relax
Halo in Evening Mode creates a naturally serene environment
Using only the warm white LEDs for illumination, the reduced blue-light content of Halo in Evening Mode makes it ideal for use later in the day in the hours before sleep when you want to wind down.
Warm light for
Reduced blue-light content in Evening Mode promotes rest and relaxation
Ambient backlight
Soft and warm light illuminates the lustrous copper reflector to elevate your light therapy experience
Lumie Halo Bright Light Therapy Lamp for Better Mood, Energy and General Sense of Wellbeing
Adaptable and multi-use
An easy to use touch interface gives you the freedom to personalise your light therapy
Precision lighting
Clear, natural illumination, ensuring you see every detail, texture and color accurately
Halo’s aesthetic breaks the mould of traditional light therapy
Halo helps you to harness the benefit of light for improved energy and mood, better sleep and wellbeing without any compromises.
High-quality materials
Featurning an exquisite matte black and rich copper color finish and a robust design
From Cambridge, England
Created by light therapy specialists with over 30 years of experience in research and development
effective light therapy that Illuminates Your Creativity
Infuse crafting, drawing, or journaling with a daily dose of positivity.
Fantastic choice for office break rooms
A great way to enhance mood, energy levels, and productivity.
stylish and one-of-a-kind
A perfect centerpiece that elevates your sense of well-being.
10,000 lux at 7,9 inches (20 cm), cool and warm-white LEDs, adjustable brightness, warm backlight. Ideal for year-round use.
1-6 business days - $5
trial period
45-day trial
30+ years of expertize
30+ years
of expertize
The low-down
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Adjustable brightness and colour temperature Day and Evening Modes

Light Source

LED - 5000K, cool white LED - 3000K, warm white UV-free

Treatment time

Treatment time

10,000 lux at 20 cm — 30 min 5000 lux at 32 cm — 30–60 min 2500 lux at 50 cm — 60–120 min



Touch Interface



33 cm (13 inches)


32.4 cm (12.6 inches)


19.7 cm (7.8 inches)


2.22 kg (4.89 pounds)



Metal and Plastic

In the Box

In the Box

Halo Mains power adaptor 1.8 m Legs Instruction


3-year Warranty

During the specified Warranty Period, Lumie will repair or replace any defective product

45-day Trial

Try a Lumie light for yourself and make sure it's right for you. If you decide to return your light, please keep all the original packaging. We'll give you a full refund as soon as we receive the product. We do not refund delivery charges.

Energy Ratings

Energy Efficiency Class


Better Together
Unlock your full potential with Halo and Bodyclock Shine 300 - the ultimate duo for restful evenings, better sleep, waking refreshed, and experiencing improved daytime alertness and energy levels.
Halo + Bodyclock Shine 300
3-year warranty • 45-day trial
Halo + BodyClock = better together