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Quick GuidesDec 22, 2022

How to Prioritise Rest This Christmas with Joe Welstead

When you think of Christmas, restful isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Famously known as the most wonderful (and stressful!) time of the year, it can sometimes feel impossible to put your wellbeing first while rushing to visit family and friends.
Written in collaboration with Joe Welstead
Written in collaboration with Joe WelsteadFormer CEO of Motion Nutrition & MD at Knowjack Media

So, we’ve teamed up with Joe Welstead,  former CEO of Motion Nutrition and MD at Knowjack Media, to share his top tips for getting some much-needed rest during the holidays.

Carve out time for yourself

Christmas holidays can be relentless for constantly socialising with family and friends. You might feel pressure to not miss a minute of it. If you don't plan time for yourself, you'll find that every hour of the day is eaten up by social activities. It takes a little proactiveness, but it's worth seeking out quiet time by yourself so you can enjoy the family time without getting overwhelmed or anxious. I find that first thing in the morning is best for this, when others will think you're still asleep and no one will bother you. Meditate quietly, read a book, or sneak out for a solo walk before the frenzy begins.

Drink plenty of water

You're going to eat a lot of wonderfully rich food and perhaps enjoy a few tipples. There's no point in fighting that - you may as well enjoy it guilt-free. Because your digestive system will be working overtime, make sure you hydrate more than normal, too. Drink plenty of water on waking (at least a pint's worth) and try swapping afternoon tea or coffee for herbal tea.


It's not always easy to go straight into "holiday mode" when you've been working away all year long at a high pace. If that sounds like you, shift your overactive mind into lower gear by putting any work-related thoughts on paper, manually, with a pen. This physical action can be incredibly therapeutic - like dropping a big weight off your shoulders and releasing a huge mental burden!

Do some light evening and morning stretches

Let's face it: Christmas is probably not the best time to start a workout programme. Instead of trying to uncomfortably jog off a big Christmas lunch, stick to some light stretches before and after bed. This will help release tension, improve bloodflow, improve digestion and help keep your bowels moving after overdoing it on the pudding.

Get enough Magnesium in you

Alcohol and awkward socialising will cause your body to soak up more magnesium than usual. To ensure you don't suffer from mood swings and can bounce back from one day to the next, try our Balance supplement. It contains 3 natural sources of magnesium and will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

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