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NewsSep 26, 2023

Lumie Launches Halo in US

As a natural mood-booster, sunlight influences melatonin and serotonin levels, helping us to feel more awake. Sunlight exposure reduces during winter, and this can cause feelings of winter blues.

As Lumie has shown over the past 30 years of research and product-development, reduced sunlight exposure does not always have to lead to reduced energy levels thanks to the power of light therapy! 

As we are heading into the winter months, Lumie is delighted to have launched Halo in the US, following its huge popularity in the UK. Halo is Lumie’s first-ever multifunctional light therapy lamp which boosts mood, energy and focus, optimized for quality and design.

Lumie Halo against a gradient backgroundLumie Halo Now Available in US

How does it work?

Lumie Halo allows you to bring the benefits of sunlight indoors during the winter months. With the functions of Day and Evening Modes, you are able to easily adjust the brightness and color temperatures to suit your needs.

In Day Mode, Halo boosts your mood and energy, in addition to providing aesthetic lighting to improve the visual appearance of video calls. It can also help to reset and regulate your sleep-wake cycle, leading to improved quality of sleep. 

In Evening Mode, Halo's restorative reduced-blue light, inspired by the amber hues of sunsets, creates a naturally serene environment, allowing you to relax and unwind, making it ideal for use later in the day before bedtime. To elevate your light therapy experience even further, Halo has an ambient backlight which can be lit on its own, or stay switched on whilst the main light remains in Day or Evening Mode.

Two people relaxing with Halo in Evening ModeHalo in Evening Mode

What do sleep experts say?

Optimizing your light environment can benefit both your physical and mental health. The freedom to modify your light exposure across your waking day will give you the opportunity to maximise your alertness and ability to perform when working or studying, whilst in the evening you can prepare your body for rest to ensure you have a good night of sleep.Ciro della Monica PhD, Research Fellow at Surrey Sleep Research Centre

Halo makes the perfect addition to any home as we approach winter. Boosting mood and energy, regulating the sleep-wake cycle and adding aesthetic lighting to any room, the benefits are vast. Let us know what you love about your Halo!