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NewsMar 14, 2023

Borrow Your Best Night's Sleep at YOTEL with Lumie Bodyclock

Always wanted to harness the power of Lumie away from home? Well, now you can! In celebration of World Sleep Day on Friday, March 17, we are delighted to announce our global partnership with YOTEL; giving guests the opportunity to loan a wake-up light for free during stays around the world.

It’s not news that sleep is super important to our health and overall wellbeing. It’s an essential function that allows our bodies and minds to recharge at the end of each day and without it, our brains wouldn't work properly! However, with long-haul flights, jet lag and changes to work and social hours, the modern world is having a significant impact on our sleep. We know how important it is to create a restful sleep environment at home, but prioritising your evening routine on-the-go can be tricky. Our partnership with YOTEL aims to help time-poor travellers improve their wellbeing and reconnect with their natural rhythms to achieve best-ever sleep, mood and energy.  

Light is the most powerful synchronizer of our circadian rhythms (our inner 24-hour body clock) which is why our sleep/wake cycle is tied to the rising and setting of the sun.- Dr Vikki Revell, Senior Lecturer in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology at the University of Surrey

YOTEL guests looking to ease jet lag, beat the winter blues or simply start the day a little gentler can loan a Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 for free at select YOTEL locations around the world including city centre hotels in London, Edinburgh, Boston, and New York, as well as airport properties in Istanbul, London Gatwick, Paris, and Singapore. Now with the option to borrow a better night’s sleep, YOTEL guests can wake feeling energised and continue experiencing, doing, and achieving; non-stop.   

Circadian rhythms can become inappropriately aligned with our desired sleep/wake schedule, especially during travel when we may experience jet lag. This can result in a disrupted sleep pattern, which has implications for health and wellbeing. - Dr Vikki Revell, Senior Lecturer in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology at the University of Surrey

Designed to help regulate sleep cycles, Bodyclock Glow 150 mimics the natural rising and setting of the sun, waking you gradually so you feel more alert and energised once awake. In the evening, Bodyclock also enables you to wind down naturally, emitting low-blue light and offering a fading sunset to create an optimised environment for a great night’s sleep. By replacing a harsh phone alarm with the Lumie wake-up light, Bodyclock also eliminates the need for keeping phones bedside, discouraging late-night scrolling.  Instead, you can practice healthier habits, such as reading, journaling, and meditating, to help you drift off to sleep quicker.  

Lumie wake-up lights help your brain to distinguish day and night in our modern world of travel, alarms, and unusual working hours.Because the sunrise simulation is gradual, it allows your inner body clock to prepare for waking naturally, and the light cue helps to regulate your circadian rhythms, even in windowless and pitch-black rooms.Dr Vikki Revell, Senior Lecturer in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology at the University of Surrey

Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 is now available to request for free from Mission Control at YOTEL London Shoreditch, YOTEL London City, YOTEL Edinburgh, YOTEL New York Times Square, YOTEL Boston, YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, YOTELAIR London Gatwick, YOTELAIR Paris and YOTELAIR Changi Singapore Airport subject to availability.