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Preparing for March Clock Change: Keeping your Body Clock in Sync

With the clocks moving forward on March 10th, the days become brighter – hooray! We share a simple guide to keep your body clock in sync without losing any sleep.

When the clocks go forward, it can be tempting to make up the lost hour by spending an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning. Sadly, your Monday morning self won't thank you for this! We have a simple trick to help you prepare your body for clock change without losing any sleep so that you are back in your rhythm ahead of Monday morning. 

How can I prepare my body for the clocks going forward?

Adjusting your body clock back by an hour in the run-up to clock change will help you to feel fresh when waking at your usual time after the clocks have gone forward. We suggest that you do this over a few days as clock change approaches, gradually shifting your sleep/wake time by 15-20 minutes each day. However, if you have found yourself close to clock change without having started to shift your schedule, we have got you covered to make the adjustment that bit easier! Simply follow this three-step routine (note: this is based on a routine of bedtime at 11pm and waking at 7am – simply adjust to your own sleep pattern as necessary).

How does light help to synchronise your body clock?

Light is the most powerful synchronizer of the body's circadian rhythm. Dr Victoria Revell, Senior Lecturer in Translational Sleep and Circadian Physiology, outlines the importance of light when adjusting to clock change:

When the clocks spring forward our body clock can struggle to adapt to the lost hour. Morning light acts to help our body clock to shift earlier in time, adapting to the change in time, and synchronize the clock to the new sleep/wake schedule. This crucial light signal can be provided both by a light box on awakening and a dawn simulator when light gradually increases during the last part of sleep.
Bring harmony to your morning and evening routine with Bodyclock Rise 100

Unwinding with the sunset of Lumie Bodyclock helps to prepare your body for sleep, making it the perfect bedside companion and the ideal tool for preparing your body for clock change. In the morning, waking with a gentle Lumie sunrise helps you to start the day in the right way. The gradual process of brightening light induces the production of the body's ‘get-up-and-go’ hormone, cortisol, whilst at the same time suppressing melatonin, the hormone conducive to sleep. As a result, you wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Ease yourself into clock change this March with Lumie!