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Transform your Mornings: The Power of Lumie Wake-up Lights

Regular alarms jolt you from sleep, essentially prompting you to wake with a fight-or-flight response. With the help of Lumie wake-up lights, you can wave goodbye to the stress of harsh alarms.

We have likely all experienced that sudden feeling of dread when a phone alarm goes off during the day and it is the same tone that jolts us out of bed in the morning. These feelings of anxiety and stress, associated with alarm sounds, are underpinned by a negative relationship with our waking habits. Luckily for us, abruptly waking from sleep to the sound of shrill alarm clocks is not the only solution. Lumie wake-up lights provide the perfect solution to transforming your morning routine.

How do they work?

Unlike regular alarms, Lumie wake-up lights rouse you from sleep in a gentle and natural way with gradually increasing levels of light. This slow and steady process induces the production of cortisol, the body's ‘get-up-and-go’ hormone, whilst suppressing melatonin, the hormone conducive to sleep. At the same time, your core body temperature and heart rate gradually rise, just as they do in response to dawn. By the time you open your eyes, you feel alert, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. No more jarring wake-up calls!

The benefits of Lumie wake-up lights don’t stop there. They also promote your body’s natural sleep response on an evening with their gradual sunset features, allowing you to naturally unwind and feel ready for sleep.

Wake up gradually and unwind on an evening with Bodyclock Glow 150

Don’t just take our word for the benefits of Lumie wake-up lights. Let’s hear what others have to say!

Testimonials from some of our lovely customers

"My Lumie light is pure MAGIC!! So incredible for helping me wake up early on dark mornings." - Aashna

"After really REALLY struggling to get up in the latter months of 2021 I invested in my Bodyclock Spark 100 in January 2022. To say it’s revolutionised my life is an understatement. I wake up easier and less abruptly and even the nightlight setting has helped me drop off on a night. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought." - Amy

"I feel so much more energised in the morning since I started using my Lumie and I think this is because I not only drift off to sleep quicker with the help of the sunset function, but that I also wake up feeling more refreshed thanks to the gradual sunrise feature (and the nice alarm sounds - much more pleasant than waking up to a phone alarm)!" - Aimee

"This little pocket of positive warming light [Lumie Sunrise Alarm] makes my transition into each day a happier one." - Elaine

"My Lumie alarm clock has been such an important addition to my life since I bought it two years ago. I use the sunset function to help me wind down whilst I read before sleep, and then the sunrise function gradually wakes me up to the sound of birdsong. The best part is that I never have to use my phone alarm, so no jarring noises early in the morning and I can keep my phone outside my bedroom." - Imogen

Reviews in the press

“My Lumie lamp cured my insomnia.” - Cosmopolitan  

"I haven’t looked back since using a Lumie Bodyclock Glow. It mimics the natural progression of sunrise, gently brightening the room and prompting the body to reduce the production of sleep hormones like melatonin. It adds a calmness to my morning that I look forward to." - SheerLuxe   

“I bought a Lumie alarm clock to wake me up instead. It’s helped me to avoid scrolling through news or social media late at night. I sleep better, I feel less stressed and I am much calmer." - Joe Wicks, fitness coach, in The Guardian

Wake to the gentle sunrise of Bodyclock Shine 300

If you are looking to transform your sleep and waking habits, why not check out our range of wake-up lights? With features to suit all waking needs, Lumie wake-up lights have got you covered!