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Frequently Asked Questions
When should I use Halo?
Halo has a Day Mode and an Evening Mode, meaning that it can be used at different times of the day, depending on your needs. When using Halo in Day Mode with the light at full brightness, we recommend that you start with 30 minutes of exposure with the light at arm’s length. Try to avoid using Halo in Day Mode into the evening as you may struggle to get to sleep. Instead, switch to the warmer tones of Evening Mode which help you to unwind.
How do I activate the backlight?
Touching the power symbol and Evening Mode symbol at the same time will allow the backlight to be independently switched on or off.
Do I need to stare directly into the light in Day Mode to feel the effects?
We do not recommend staring directly into the light in Day Mode as you may experience discomfort due to its brightness. Instead, we recommend that you place Halo at around arm’s length and continue with your usual daily activities. This is the best and most comfortable way to use the light.
Can I wear my glasses while using Halo in Day Mode for bright light therapy?
Wearing clear glasses or clear contact lenses will not reduce the effects of Halo in Day Mode. However, wearing sunglasses, photo-sensitive or tinted lenses reduces the effectiveness of light therapy as less light reaches the all-important receptors at the back of your eyes.
Still need help?
If you need to chat with us, you can use the webchat option (available on desktop), or reach us by email at info@lumie.com. We are open Monday-Friday 9.30 am – 5.30 pm and we aim to answer your query within 1 working day. During our busy season, this may be slightly longer, however, we will always answer your query within 1 working week.