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NewsJan 23

New Mood and Sleep-Enhancing Products Join Lumie's US Collection

We are delighted to announce the launch of two new game-changing products in the US following their great success in the UK. Get ready to transform your sleep and mood!

If you’re not yet familiar with Lumie, we are a British brand on a global mission to empower people to reconnect with their natural rhythms for best-ever sleep, mood and energy levels. A fun fact is that we invented the world's first wake-up light in 1992! Since then, we have dedicated more than three decades to pioneering research, design, and development of light therapy lamps. Our products promote circadian well-being, alleviate symptoms of winter blues, enhance sleep and waking, and improve performance and daytime alertness.

We were delighted to launch the stylish Lumie Halo in the US just a few months ago which has left many of you wanting more! You ask, and we provide… bringing not one, but two wonderful new products to the US.

Boost your mood and energy with Lumie Mini

The first of our brand-new products is Lumie Mini. Compact in design but sizeable in impact, Lumie Mini provides an easy-to-use solution for improving daytime alertness and alleviating symptoms of winter blues. With Mini, you can bring the benefits of sunlight indoors, boosting mood and energy levels. You can even take Mini’s mood-enhancing qualities with you to the office or college thanks to its portability!

How does it work?

Sunlight is a natural mood-booster, influencing melatonin and serotonin levels, and prompting you to feel more awake. Lumie Mini simulates natural daylight, providing 10,000 lux at a distance of 12cm. A daily dose of bright light therapy helps to regulate circadian rhythms, leading to improved mood and reduced symptoms of winter blues and seasonal mood changes. It also boosts alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness, allowing you to feel more awake during the day.

Wake up feeling refreshed with Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700FM

Next up, we have the sleek and stylish Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700FM wake-up light - the perfect bedside companion which mimics the light of a sunrise. With a gradually brightening light, it wakes you gently, allowing you to feel refreshed and ready for the day.

What exactly does it do?

Instead of being jolted from sleep by harsh alarm sounds, Bodyclock Luxe 700FM wakes you gradually and more effectively. By the time you open your eyes, you feel properly awake and alert. Keeping the alerting blue spectrum of the light to a minimum, it creates a healthy sleep environment while providing fully adjustable bedroom lighting. At bedtime, its sunset feature helps to promote a natural sleep response, allowing you to unwind.

Let’s hear what Lumie’s CEO, Jonathan Cridland, has to say!

Since inventing the world’s very first wake-up light in 1992, we have heard hundreds of stories about just how life-changing falling asleep and waking up with light has been for our customers. Driven by these insights, we are very proud to introduce a new and improved sleep/wake-up light, Bodyclock Luxe 700FM. Continuing to mimic the colour of sunrise and sunset smoothly and realistically, the new light delivers an enhanced audio experience with built-in sleep/wake sounds, Bluetooth connectivity and FM radio. We have improved the user-experience by introducing tap-control snooze and auto-dimming display.
Lumie Mini provides a portable and compact answer to bringing the mood-boosting powers of sunlight indoors. With its small and sturdy design and with the excellent built quality Lumie prides itself on, Mini provides a very affordable solution to winter blues, providing 10,000 lux at 12cm to simulate natural sunlight. Its effective and easy-to-use functionality helps you to feel brighter during the winter months.

So what are you waiting for? Incredible sleep and improved mood and energy await you with Lumie. Why not check out our full range of wake-up and bright light therapy lamps?