Light Therapy Know-How
Sleep better
The quality, timing and length of sleep are dependent upon an interaction between two biological systems in our brain, circadian rhythms and the sleep homeostat. The two systems are ‘creatures of habit’ and like to work with regular schedules. Most of us don't have a regular sleep routine, though. We mix early starts, late nights and weekend lie-ins. We travel across time zones, teenagers stay out late and older people are sometimes confined indoors where there is insufficient light. When these systems get out of sync, we can suffer insomnia, sleep phase disorders and other problems like poor quality sleep, waking too early or struggling to wake up altogether.
Why am I struggling to sleep well?
Any number of things could be contributing to keeping you up when all you want is to catch some much-needed ZZZs. Some potential causes include stress, illness, poor sleep hygiene, sleep disorders, or an out-of-sync body clock. To fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, you need to build up enough sleep pressure (“the sleep drive”) in the brain. When your sleep drive is off, you may feel fatigued during the day and wired at night.
The good news is, you can help your brain fix the problem of an “off” sleep drive by following a consistent sleep pattern, allowing yourself 7 or more hours of sleep each night, regulating your mealtimes, and limiting caffeine intake to the first part of the day. Light therapy can also come in handy…
How can light therapy help?
Following a regular sleep schedule trains your brain to recognize when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake. Light is able to synchronise the inner body clock and help stimulate the brain cells to produce sleep or wakefulness hormones at the right time. Lumie invented Bodyclock wake-up lights to give a bright sunrise signal in the morning, helping people who struggle to get to sleep at night by setting the body’s natural rhythms earlier.
Bodyclock Glow 150
Our sleep experts always say that a good night’s sleep begins the moment you wake up! Using a sleep/wake-up light such as Bodyclock Glow 150 can help you regulate your sleep pattern, fall asleep easier and wake up better, feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Getting used to leaving your personal devices such as smartphones out of the bedroomat bedtime is easier with Bodyclock. This means no more scrolling late at night, relying on your phone to tell time or to set an alarm!
01. More energy in the mornings
02. Better sleep hygiene
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Vitamin L Bright Light Therapy Lamp
When your inner body clock is at its best, you rise naturally in the early morning, feeling alert and awake, staying this way until the evening (with a little post-lunch dip in the middle). With the onset of bedtime, the build-up of sleep pressure helps to promote and maintain sleep. But when things are amiss, bright light therapy lamp, such as Lumie Vitamin L, is a perfect, lightweight, and portable device that can help you promote wakefulness in times of need- during the day or in the early evening if you’re trying to push your body clock forward to stay asleep for longer. Try it with our 45-day trial!
01. Regulate sleep patterns
02. Boost alertness and energy
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From our community
I’m happier
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Chelsea
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Can’t do without
I find that when I use my Vitamin L light in the mornings as soon as I sit down for work, I feel so much more alert and ready for my day. I couldn't do winters without it now!
- Sienna
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I love this alarm!
The light feature works really well in the mornings and does wake us up gently - no more startling mobile phone alarm wake-ups for us!
- Shani
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Brighter mornings
The slow and natural wake up with the light has made a huge difference to my mornings. I’m more awake and happier than I was whilst using my phone alarm.
- Emily
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Essential in the winter
I have been using this lightbox in the winter for years and consider it essential for my mental health. It’s compact, lightweight, bright and so easy to use - I’m very satisfied!
- Pat
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I love waking to my Lumie instead of a traditional alarm clock. The sunrise is very gentle and even the alarm tone isn't too harsh. I also think it looks attractive!
- Kate
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