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Become a morning person
So: you wish to be up meditating, stretching, and making your morning smoothie, or merely be able make it to work on time instead of repeatedly hitting the snooze button... Because early bird catches the worm, right? Right? While there are many a ‘morning lark’ out there, a lot of people struggle with synchronizing their internal body clocks to conform to the ‘wakefulness window’ of around 7am and 11pm. Does that sound a lot like you, night owl? Unless becoming an early bird is simply out of question (because you suffer from a delayed sleep phase disorder for example), light therapy may just be able to help you catch that worm.
Why do I struggle to wake up in the morning?
Oversleeping in the morning could indicate that your body clock is set at a later time than desired or that you experience extreme sleep inertia upon awakening which makes it difficult to get up. Utilising a Bodyclock, where light steadily increases to a maximum during the last 30 min or so of sleep, could help to reduce the symptoms of sleep inertia and gradually wake you up as well as acting on your body clock.
Ensuring appropriate exposure to strong, bright light in the first part of the day along with reducing or eliminating time spent in front of blue-light emitting devices or in brightly-lit environments in the evenings, can also aid falling asleep at night.
How can light therapy help?
Light is able to synchronise the body clock and stimulate the brain cells to produce sleep or wakefulness hormones at the right time. Lumie invented wake-up lights to give a bright sunrise signal in the morning and a gradually dimming, relaxing sunset simulation at nighttime, helping people who struggle to get to sleep or wake up properly by setting the body’s natural rhythms earlier.
Bodyclock Glow 150
A wake-up light such as Bodyclock Glow 150 can help you become a morning person. But don’t just take our word for it; give it a go yourself! We offer a 45-day trial, allowing plenty of time for you to experience the benefits of waking with light and starting your day naturally, feeling properly awake and refreshed. Add one of the sleep/wake sounds such as birdsong or crickets to fully transform your mornings.
01. More energy in the mornings
02. Better sleep hygiene
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Vitamin L Bright Light Therapy Lamp
In addition to waking up with a dawn simulator such as Bodyclock Glow 150, you could consider bright light therapy which has been shown to immediately increase levels of alertness, boost mood and improve performance. It could even compete with your morning coffee! Sitting in front of a bright light box such as Vitamin L upon awakening, for example while having breakfast, or at your desk at work in the first part of the day will push your body clock earlier in time and make it easier to fall asleep in the evening.
01. Boost alertness and wakefulness
02. Improve focus and performance
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